PopSockets PopGrips Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Knowing what to get for teenagers for Christmas isn’t easy! There is only so many smellies and beauty products that you can buy, and for younger teenagers, I’m not convinced anything other than bubble bath and lip balm is appropriate anyway. I certainly won’t allow my pre-teen anything like that, which does make it a bit harder to come up with stocking filler pressie ideas for Christmas. One thing that is a fact, though, is that most teenagers are glued to their phones, and any kind of phone accessory or ‘bling’ is most definitely on the ‘cool’ list!

My daughter has recently got a new phone, but not being an iPhone or Samsung, I’ve been finding it tricky to source accessories for it; the funky cases only seem to be available for the ‘bigger’ phones, so trying to find something to personalise other brands of phone is a little harder. That is until I discovered PopGrips by PopSockets – a mobile phone accessory that can fit virtually any phone, and with thousands of different styles and combinations available.

So, what is a PopGrip? Well, you’ve probably seen them before, but not quite realised what they were! They are little circular nobbles that can be stuck to the back of your mobile phone or mobile phone case and can be popped out to be used as a grip, a stand or even a spinner. They then pop back inwards and stow out of the way until the next time you want to use them. The PopGrips are available in a number of ranges: standard, premium, mini, Poptivism and custom, and we have been sent a selection of Grips to try out. We were sent:

All of the products come presented really nicely on their own display card which lets you try out your grip before you buy, if you are buying from a shop. If you are buying via PopSockets’ website, you can really get into customising your grips as with some of them, you can even pick the colour of the popper and base for a really unique look.

Applying the PopGrip is really easy, you just have to be careful that if you use a case, your phone case is compatible – you can’t use them with silicone, rubberised or textured cases but anything with a nice flat and rigid surface should be fine. Not only can the PopGrips be easily stuck to your phone or case, they can also be removed and repositioned quickly, easily and as often as you want, you just have to be sure not to leave the adhesive pad exposed to the air for longer than 15 minutes. As well as repositioning the whole PopGrip, you can also easily twist off the PopTop (the bit with the design on) and replace it with another. This is even easier than replacing the whole thing if you fancy a bit of a change. The PopGrips are also compatible with wireless chargers once you have taken the PopTop off, and they’re designed to be removed and replaced as often as you need to.

Some of the designs, especially in the premium range, are gorgeous, and both me and my daughter loved them. The Gold Glitter design was so very sparkly and ‘bling’ but my personal favourite was the Solar Flare PopGrip from the enamel range. The enamel range includes a number of cool designs, all of which feature a 3D hand-polished metal and a shiny enamel finish.

My daughter’s favourite, however, was the PopMirror PopSocket, which combines a hidden mirror with your phone grip and stand. It’s swappable just like most of the other designs but folds outwards to reveal a 1x magnification mirror and a 2x magnification mirror. They’re the perfect size for a quick makeup touch-up and add something a little different to your phone!

We also loved the PopMini set that we were sent – this one was themed around candy-coloured ice-creams and all three of the included Minis were great fun and really complemented each other. They are designed to all go on your phone at the same time and they look so cute on the back of your phone!

Finally we were sent one of the BackSpin sockets, which is perfect for those of us who just have to have something to fiddle with! Just like the other PopSockets, it sticks to your phone and is fully repositionable, but these ones spin round too! We were sent a textured black one, but some of them have some mind-bending geometric that addle your brain whilst you watch them spin!  

We have loved trying out the PopGrips and I have been reliably informed by my daughter that they are indeed super-cool, and are something that she or her friends would love to find in their Christmas stockings. If you really feel like treating someone, PopSockets even have a small range of Swarovski Crystal PopSockets which really are at the luxurious end of the market. My daughter has spent ages looking at their website and pointed out the Harry Potter range, and there are lots of ‘PopCulture’ PopSockets featuring TV series, films and popular culture characters, so there will be something to please even the hardest to buy for amongst us. You can even create your own fully personalised PopGrip via the website by uploading a photograph and selecting the colour you want for the base and neck.

The fabulous PopTivism range is also well worth a look, with a number of lovely designs available and each one offering a large percentage of the sale going to support very worthwhile charities such as Barnardo’s, Mind and CentrePoint.

There really is something for everyone and these products would make a fantastic stocking filler for teens and adults alike, giving you a more secure way of holding your phone combined with an always-there stand and an awful lot of personalisation.

Rating: 5/5

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