Pomsies Lumies Review

Pomsies Lumies

Reviewed by Louise Totton

I think it’s fair to say that nearly all kids love tech – lights, sounds and anything that responds to input. My kids also love cute and fluffy, but it’s not really all that often that cute and fluffy merges with tech. Until now! This weekend, we have been trying out Pomsies Lumies, which are cute little unicorn / hamster hybrids that respond to colour!

There are three of these furry little unicorn critters to collect, all of them white but with differently coloured face and mains: Sparkle Rush is turquoise, Pixie Pop is pink and Dazzle GoGo is purple. All three have sparkly ears, a golden unicorn horn and a multicoloured main, along with sparkly eyes and each with a different ‘makeup’ look. On the underside of them is the tech bit – a colour sensor that detects an almost infinite number of colours and then prompts your new Lumie to respond, either visually or audibly. Also contained in the box is a comb and an instruction guide, which talks you through the four different games that you can play with your Lumie.

They require 3 x AAA batteries, which come preinstalled, so the toy is ready to play with straight out of the box – no searching for batteries on Christmas morning! The Lumie is switched on by pressing her nose, all you need to do is decide which mode you want to play in. there are five play-modes including three games. These are:

  • What colour should I be today? – this is the most basic way of playing with your Lumie, and when you have pressed the colour sensor against any object, the Lumie will respond by matching that colour and glowing. So for example, if you press it against your red jumper, it will glow red to match.
  • Let’s mix some beats – this mode gets your Lumie singing! As well as responding to colour with colour, she will also respond with sound, so every colour will have a beat associated with it. Press her against a colour and she will start making sounds – add in more and more colours to get more complex sounds and beats.
  • Lumie Says – this is a far cuter and possibly more engaging version of the popular Simon game. Lumie will flash a sequence of colours and you have to remember the sequence then match it by pressing her sensor against the correctly coloured objects – it’s actually harder than it sounds!
  • Colour Chase – this one is great fun, especially for younger children! Lumie will light up a colour and you have until time runs out to find something around the house in a matching colour and press her against it.
  • Rainbow tag – kind of a digital version of snap! Choose an object and Lumie will flash a series of colours. As soon as she flashes the colour of your object, touch her against it to win the point. It gets quicker and quicker, so can get quite frantic!

Everyone in our house absolutely loved Lumies! They are incredibly cute and really appeal to kids who are mad on unicorns. In addition, they are incredibly interactive and the kids really will sit and play with them for ages. My 7-year-old was over the moon with her Dazzle GoGo, and has sat playing with her for ages – we loved all of the modes, but she most loved the Lumie Says game, although bot of the kids were wandering around the house for ages just scanning colours to see what reaction they got from her!

I think this is a brilliant little toy, and the girls have enjoyed it far more than I would have thought that they would. They really have treated them like little pets, brushing their hair and stroking them as well as sitting playing with them. I think they would make a super Christmas gift for any little girl aged over four – even my ten-year-old had great fun with it!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

For more information visit pomsies.com. Available to buy from www.smythstoys.com.

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