Playmobil Toys Set To Provide Hours Of Creative Play Under The Christmas Tree

Creative play is an important part of development and toys that let imaginations run free, provide hours of fun and keep kids engaged are important. With statistics showing an ever-increasing dependence on computer games and TV, it's sometimes difficult for mums and dads to find the right Christmas presents.

Playmobil's history of providing safe, high quality toys that inspire children will keep boys and girls entertained and immersed in hours of creative play. Whether it's uncovering secret plots by the evil Robo-Gang, enjoying the perfect family holiday, battling fully-armed knights, creating your dream home or making friends with the animals at the zoo, anything is possible. With a wide range of toys to suit any budget, from stocking fillers for less than £5 to larger sets that take inspiration from all walks of life, there are hours of adventures waiting to be had by everyone. Here are just some of Playmobil's offerings this year that will leave little ones smiling from ear to ear this Christmas.

Take a trip to the zoo
The all-new Zoo range includes the enormous Grand Zoo, complete with giraffes, elephants and Zebras. Take a trip to the other side of the world and discover a menagerie of exotic animals from pandas to Meerkats found in the Asian Zoo. To create a fantastic family day out, the Children's Zoo is also packed with a variety of animals, zookeepers and visitors.

Plan the perfect Holiday
Everyone deserves a holiday, and the new Leisure range makes for the perfect getaway! There is everything you will need, from a relaxing holiday home, paddling pools to cool down in the hot weather, beach buggies to explore the dunes and a family speedboat for days out at sea. And for the more adventurous traveller, the all-new Family Camper is full of even more bits for a life on the road!

Save the world from plotting bad guys
Battle against world domination by evil robots in the Top Agents range. Essential to every spy, the Secret Agents Headquarters has a living room wall that moves to reveal a world map detailing crimes happening around the globe. Alarm Systems, genuine Metal Detectors and even a Spy Camera Set ensure a watchful eye is being kept on any unwelcome visitors. The evil Robo-Gang even has an SUV, which can be controlled remotely, to ensureswift get-aways around every difficult corner.

Create your dream home
Enjoy a better standard of living in the new Grande Mansion! This mansion is bigger than ever with three floors, two balconies, functioning doorbell and lockable front door. You can practice whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen, relaxing in the bath or get all the family gathered in front of the fire in the living room. In the children's bedroom there are loads of toys to play with and once you're through it can all be tidied away on the bedroom shelves. Not forgetting the pets of the household, there's even a basket for the cat and a bowl for the dog.

Defend the castle
Fancy taking on fearless Knights from far off lands? Then the new Knights Range is for you. The giant Empire Castle comes with Lion Knights and fully functioning weapons ready to wage war. Additionally there are the Falcon Knights and much more which feature Firing Catapults and Treasure Transporters, perfect for children ready to defend their castles from invasion.

All ranges available from: John Lewis, Toys R Us and the Playmobil Online Shop and other good toy shops.

Large Zoo £69.99
Pool with Slide £39.99
Secret Agent's Headquarters £59.99
Grande Mansion £99.99
Falcon Knight's Castle £69.99?

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