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Reviewed by Rebecca Gillespie

I attended a VIP event at the Meadows Brewers Fayre pub on Sunday, it has had a newly opened play area. I took along my family which included 2 children aged 7 and 8 months. We were greeted on arrival and shown where to go and where things were… very helpful.

My eldest eagerly took off in to the play area very excited… she thought it was fab! It was a medium size with 3 floors and several slides both curly and straight. She loved it and was a perfect size for her not too big not too small. Our youngest daughter doesn’t crawl yet but went in the toddler area which had a couple of cosy coupe cars, a small slide, lots of cushions and sponge shapes to rock on and mirrors. She had a great time in there. When we were there not many other people and children were so it was very spacious. It said that the capacity was 60 children in the play zone and 25 in the toddler area. I personally feel this is excessive and wouldn’t let my daughter in if it was that busy.

The play area had several tables scattered around, new carpets with a Beano theme running through them and a canopy decorating the areas with different Beano characters on. There was a party room called ‘The Den’, it had a large table and several child size chairs and soft bench seating around the edge for parents to sit… ideal for a party. The area had colouring and making mask activities as well as a lady doing Facepaints. My daughter enjoyed doing the craft activities however none of the adult staff were in the room supervising or helping… this would have been helpful. The Facepaint lady was very serious and my daughter had to approach her, she didn’t just offer this and make it more exciting.

After playing we decided to eat, we sat within the play area. The adults ate fish and chips, good size fish but chips were cold. Smothered chicken, again a good size, burger, good size but chips not great. The kids meal was pizza with garlic bread and salad… plenty big enough and very tasty. Desserts were choc brownie for the kids meal served with ice cream and again a decent size and very tasty. Caramel apple Betty and custard was delicious as was the berry cheesecake. Staff were quick to clear away and check all was ok.

During our time there (a 3 hour visit) there were 4 staff members in the play area but all stayed around the serving counter, I think they should try and interact with the children or at least be slightly supervisory.

The play area costs £3 per child for 90 minutes play. I’m not sure I would pay this as we like to eat as a family and would probably go to a bigger play area if this is what she wanted to do… however it is nice I just expected it be free with it being attached to the pub.

The meals are good value and nice but nothing special.

Rating: 3/5

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3 Star

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