Pinocchio at Little Angel Theatre, Islington Review


Reviewed by Laura S

Pinocchio is a children’s classic that has been read to child worldwide for almost 140 year. It was written by Italian author Carlo Collodi. In more recent times it has been turned into a film and theatre productions.

My children and I were really looking forward to watching the play. We have the story at home which is read regularly and loved.

Award winning Steve Tiplady plays the role of Pinocchio’s loving father Geppetto. Steve has been working with puppets since 1987 and, in the late 1990s, started to make theatre from a wide variety of ways using different objects and materials.

Steve is very warm and welcoming. He built up a great rapport with the audience just before the show start. The audience warmed to him instantly with all of the children wanting to answer his questions. This continued throughout.

The set was made out of recycled materials from a workshop which fitted the plot and story perfectly.
I was in awe of Steve’s imagination of how Pinocchio was made and what out of. I’m not going to say much more on that as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Light, music and light projection were used to add different elements and themes to the play. Again, very cleverly done and kept the children transfixed on Geppotto & Pinocchio throughout.  There was also audience participation which made the children very excited and wanted to share their responses.

I had never seen a play production of Pinocchio before and this did not disappoint. From start to finish both the adults and children in the audience were fully entertained and mesmerised. At one point all of the children were laughing so hysterically it was wonderful to hear.

The play lasted just over an hour without an interval which was just right for the children.
If you love classics, theatre, laughter or want to introduce your children to theatre Pinocchio will not disappoint. I thoroughly recommend it.

Rating: Overall I give Pinocchio 5/5.

The Little Angel Theatre is location just off Upper Street in Islington which places it in easy reach of many parts of North London due to the easy and accessible transport links.

The theatre is very quaint and has lovely homely feel to it. It is super child friendly and you don’t feel pressured to keep your child statue-still and silent throughout the production.

The seats are along rows of long benches that have very comfy cushions on. Each seat offers ample room and there is plenty of room in front to stretch your legs out.

On each row there are designated seat reserved for children so that all children have a clear view of the stage.

Pinocchio is on at The Little Angel Theatre
11th May– 26 June 2022.
Tickets cost:
£13.50 Adult
£11.50 Child (age 1-17)
All tickets £8 on Fridays at 4.45pm

The play is aimed at 5 years & above which I agree with. There are a couple of scenes that could be a little scary for younger children.

Check out the website for further details on Pinocchio including days, times, details for relaxed performances and the Puppets for all scheme which make the Little Angel theatre productions accessible for all.

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