Pilates The Core Workout Review

Pilates The Core Workout

Reviewed by Tracey Hargraves

When this arrived it went straight into the DVD. The first screen had three options – Play work out, Chapters and bonus. The whole DVD is 1 hour 22 minutes.

The workout consisted of 5 minutes of safe introduction and basic explanations and were clearly done and demonstrated very well and the verbal instructions were easy to follow.

The fundamentals – was all about the abs and showed the stretches with a lady and also a skeleton which was great to see the bones and basics.  Gentle music in the back ground was soft and not over bearing. The first element lasted just over 27 minutes and was a great work out when not have loads of time.

The other two work out were called:  The core workout (40 minutes) and Abs blaster (Short programme which challenges the abs and is to be used on top of the first one and is very hard and is 11 minutes in length).They were as good as the first exercise programme has two girls demonstrating with one doing basic and the other doing the advanced and experienced exercises so you can keep using the DVD as you gain experience and want to progress the exercises. The last programme was as she said tough.

Having done the DVD for a few weeks I can see some improvements in my posture and stamina. I have enjoyed the DVD and did not feel bored and can see that I will be able to use if for a while as there are always 3 positions for the exercises shown to challenge me.

I would recommend it to others as was well done, nice lighting, nice music and not over powering and all exercised was very clear as the lady used very good verbal skills to explain them.

Pilates the Core Workout is available to buy on DVD at www.amazon.co.uk, www.play.com and HMV. For further information visit www.bodycontrol.co.uk

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