My Wee Friend Review

My Wee Friend
Potty Training Made Easy

Reviewed by Tracey Hargraves

The potty trainer is a sticker that sticks on the base of a potty and is black in colour until wee hits it then it becomes a lovely beaming star with a big smile on it.

The instructions were nice and clear on how to put on the potty and it is about 6 cm in radius and is very easy to stick on the base of the potty.

It has been fun seeing the smile face come on the sticker and it comes up nice and quick which means little one can see it without getting bored of waiting and wanting to rush back to their toys. My child loved seeing the smiley face.

The product last 6 weeks and is doing well at the moment.

The sticker comes with a little reward card to say they have been potty trained using the sticker. My little boy was not interested in this card but is a nice touch.

I would certainly recommend it or use again if I had to potty train again. 

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