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Philips Hue LED Outdoor Wall Lamp Inara Review


Reviewed by Helen Noble

Philips Hue LED outdoor wall lamp Inara – modern lantern with decorative light bulb

I was chosen to review this light and couldn’t wait for it to arrive as who doesn’t love a gadget that you can work from your mobile phone.

It arrived well packaged and on opening the main box was surprised to see that the light was wrapped in a jersey cotton bag for added protection.

Philips Hue brings smart lighting to everyday homes, allowing anyone to create special moments and automate with light. Philips Hue can be controlled via Bluetooth or by the Hue Bridge. The bridge is recommended if you are planning on linking up more than 10 items.

We replaced our front door side lamp, well I say we, the hubby did, it only took him approx 20 mins as he only had to re attach the wiring and re drill holes to secure the lamp, I just supervised from the comfort of the sofa but I did note I didn’t hear any muttering or expletives which I usually hear when he is doing some DIY lol so I would say it was an easy swap.

The lamp is made of aluminium in a satin black finish, with the side panels made from a clear plastic they not only give a 360 degree shine of light but means it is also very light to handle.

It comes with a screw in replaceable filament bulb, which enhances the overall look of the light.
although it states the light bulb is white I think they should go with saying it is a warm white as it has the yellow tinge to it, this could be swapped for a Phillips hue bulb in another colour if desired.

The design is very modern contemporary in looks compared to other lantern style lamps.

In addition to the look, the lamp offers smart controllability via the hue app.

The hue app was very quick and easy to download although with not having the bridge i wasn’t sure if this affected the resources I could use.   I couldn’t figure out how to set a timer within the app, on looking it up via the internet It said I needed to click on the Automations icon but this icon was missing from the bottom of the app on my phone.  This is bound to be something that I am doing wrong.  On registering the light though it did ask if I would like to add the light to an Alexa, google or Siri device to which all I had to do was say “Alexa discover” and once discovered I was able to access the light set up through there and easily set it to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. I could programme any timings as well as having the ability to ask Alexa to turn it on/off/dim whenever I like.

The app gives you the ability to control the brightness via the dimmer as well as having the option to switching the light to a flickering candle effect. I presume if you are using a multicoloured light bulb this is where you can use the set scene option and create different ambiences.

One lamp can store connections with up to 15 smartphones/tablets, individual settings are assigned individually.

I think for the money this lamp is good value and will hopefully last many years to come.

So whether it is a treat for yourself or a gift for a gadget lover you can be assured that this lamp will light up your life.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £89.99

This product plus other hue compatible items can be found here.

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