Peter’s Railway The Great Train Robbery Review

Reviewed by Debbie Douglas

This book is one of a series written by Christopher Vine about the adventures of Peter, his brother and sister and his Grandpa. This is the fourth book we have read in the Peter’s Railway adventures and it does not disappoint. I think it is actually the 6th in the series and we were all absolutely thrilled to get this book to read as we love these books.

This story is very exciting and is about a daring attempt to rob the local bank, I don’t want to give too much of the story away but it has you hooked from the first page. I wasn’t allowed to stop until we got to the end. Both my kids were pointing at the pictures and asking questions. These books are so well written; they really capture kid’s imaginations and makes them ask questions especially the technical pages. Craig loves these and surprisingly so did Amy, I thought she would want me to skip over them but they were both explaining how the alarm worked and how they should maybe put one on their room doors! The books are also gorgeously illustrated with water colours which just go so well with the tone the story is setting. I can’t praise these books highly enough. We will be reading it again tonight I am sure.

These books are a spin off from the hardback series which tells the background story of Peter and his Grandpa building and running their steam engine across the farm. We haven’t read these books yet but I know a little boy who has started his Santa list today with these at the top and I am sure Santa will be more than happy to oblige!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Peter’s Railway here.


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