Personalised Your Child’s Handwriting Necklace Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

I’ve never had a piece of personalised jewellery before, so I was very interested when I saw the Personalised Your Child’s Handwriting Necklace by Minetta Jewellery on the Not on the High Street website. It’s a very simple design, no fuss, and quite delicate which is what drew my eye.

I showed the necklace to my 5-year-old daughter and explained that her writing could be engraved into a piece of gold that Mummy could wear. She thought it would be a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Between us we decided that she would write “Mummy” on the front and that the 14k rose gold bonding was the most beautiful of the three finishes available. I left the choice of the engraving on the back of the necklace to my little girl and she chose to write her name which was just perfect.

The same necklace is also available in sterling silver and 14k gold fill. Gold fill is a method of coating gold onto a base metal in a much thicker and more robust layer than simply gold plating, there’s 100+ times more gold present than plated jewellery.

The necklace arrived in just a few days and was neatly packaged in a bubble wrap envelope, inside was a square printed box with a card slip case. This opened to reveal a note describing the care recommendation for the jewellery and underneath that, and a tissue layer the necklace was nestling on a cushion. It looked exactly as I was expecting from the pictures I’d looked at on Not on the High Street’s website, so I was surprised by my own emotional reaction to seeing my tiny daughters writing immortalised in gold. Turning the box upside down caused the pendant part to turn over perfectly displaying the engraving on the reverse but still held the chain firmly in place. Once I’d gathered myself I finally unpacked the necklace properly and put it on. I’d chosen the 43.5cm chain length and it’s a very comfortable length.

As a mother of small children, I’m blessed with a lot of precious firsts and although each tiny achievement is a delight, it’s impossible to retain it all in your memory. My eldest child has just started school and is beginning to spell out and write her very first words, these are treasured but will ultimately end up in a box in the loft and rarely see the light of day again. To have a small part of these exciting times captured in something which is such good quality and I can wear for many years to come is quite a special thing.

The engraving is exact replica of the photos I sent, and the necklace makes me smile every time I catch sight of it in the mirror. It’s subtle enough to wear every day. I noticed that Minetta Jewellery also do a matching bracelet, so I’ll be requesting one of those for my Mother’s Day gift once my second daughter learns to write!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £50

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