Personalised Lavender & Ylang Ylang Candle with Copper Lid Review

Personalised Candle

Reviewed by Mel Magnan

I received a rather lovely Willow & Light Personalised Lavender & Ylang Ylang Candle with Copper Lid to review. I had never heard of this company before but was surprised with the standard of the candle, they use only organic soy wax, cotton wicks and natural ingredients. The fragrance being lavender and ylang ylang, is a sweet-scented essential oil from the flowers of a yellow flowered tree known as the cananga tree.

It arrived well packaged in a neat plain black box which you could use again. Once I opened the box I was happily surprised, a lovely scented candle with a lovely lavender fragrance. The extra added bonus was the personalised copper lid which is a really lovely special touch, it would make a great present for someone for Christmas or just a special treat for yourself. I have never had such an expensive candle so this one I am keeping for myself, so the quote I chose was “nothing soothes the soul quite like a walk on the beach”. Beaches are my special place to be so I thought this was very apt for myself.

The etched  lettering on the copper lid  is really clear to read and made me smile you can have up to 40 characters, which will include the spaces, so there is lots of scope to have something extra for that special person and have something close to their heart personalised on the lid. As soon as I opened the box I could smell the lavender, it is fairly strong, mixed with ylang ylang geranium and sweet orange and they use all natural ingredients, no animal or paraffin derived ingredients, soya wax and a cotton wick.

The recycled glass has the instructions to keep yourself safe when burning candles which is located on the bottom of the jar, the label does peel off when the candle has been used so I shall be using the jar again especially with the quote on.

The luxury candle is 9.1cm tall and the width is 8cm and it has 40 hours of burning time, so lots of hours to make your home smell luxurious.

The candles are lovingly made in south west of Scotland. They use quality ingredients and have a choice of fragrances including pomegranate, lemon grass and ginger lots to choose from they are all listed on their website. All of the candles are hand poured, each candle being different – they do say because of this the surface might not be smooth but this does not affect the candle in anyway.

They also have some great fragrances for Christmas including lemon and mint, nutmeg and ginger, which reminds me of all my childhood Christmas smells. The candles are expensive but worth it as they keep their smell unlike cheaper candles, so I shall be hinting to my husband and family that I would like another one but with a different fragrance or I shall be buying one for two of my best friends which I know they would love. Well done Willow & Light …

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

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