Peppa Pig Money Bank Review

Peppa Pig Money Bank

Reviewed by Louise Watts

Sometimes, for birthdays or other special occasions, it is nice to buy children something other than toys. Toys are fantastic and essential for children growing up, but too much of a good thing is also not helpful.

There are many character items on the market nowadays that are not toys. You can get clothes, ornaments and hundreds of other bits all with the children’s favourite characters on. Recently, I was sent a children’s money box to explore and review.

Peppa Pig is one of the greatest children’s’ creations in the last 20 years. The idea was created in 2000 and the first episode hit our screens in May 2004. With my eldest being 1 year old then and having had 3 more children since, I have probably seen every episode of Peppa Pig that has ever been created (several times over!). The merchandise that surrounds Peppa Pig now is quite incredible, she even has her own Theme Park – Peppa Pig World!

Using children’s favourite characters with other products means that you can introduce other concepts with the help of characters, for example saving money. What better way to teach and encourage a young child to save money than to give them a money box in the shape of their favourite character?!

When my money box arrived, it was packaged beautifully in a cardboard box with little Peppa Pig shapes all over it. This was a really lovely touch. On opening the box and removing the protective polystyrene, I saw the money box. It was very beautiful. Peppa Pig in her traditional red dress and black shoes holding her teddy. Standing at 16cm tall this was the perfect height for a child’s money box. The slit for the money is on the back of Peppa’s head meaning that it does not interfere with the design itself and is subtle and could be hidden if you position her carefully on display.

The box is ceramic and looks and feels good quality. The paint has a lovely shiny, smooth finish and the colours are exactly matched to the ones in the show. The money box retails at around £20 and is the perfect gift for a Peppa lover whom you do not want to buy a toy for.

The box itself has a little removable rubber seal at the bottom so as to be able to remove the money. It is secure when sealed but easy to remove and replace when emptying or counting the wealth inside. It is secure enough that little fingers would struggle to open it meaning that the coins are kept safely away from little people.

You can also get a money box with George and dinosaur on where George is wearing his traditional blue outfit. That is the same price as Peppa and equally as delightful. In fact, they would lovely together as a pair on display.

This money box would make a lovely present for any Peppa fan and would be lasting throughout childhood. It could prepare them for their future by starting to save at a young age and by making it fun by using their favourite character. A delight for any Peppa mad child.

Rating: 4/5 

RRP: £19.95

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