Peekaboo! The Hidden Costs Of A Wedding

A wedding is an experience of a lifetime. Just the thought of getting hitched to the person on your dreams is enough to send shivers down the spine. But, your love for your partner isn’t the only thing that will give you goosebumps. The cost of the event is going to be high, and that is a fact. After all, there is the dress, the venue, and the rings to pay for to name but three. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there either.

The costs keep coming, and lots of them will come as a surprise. Instead of having to beg the bank for a loan, you’re better off saving extra just in case. To ensure you have enough liquidity to go around, here are the hidden costs of planning a wedding. Hopefully, they won’t send you into shock!

Musical Equipment

Do you plan on having a band at the wedding? What about a DJ or some music? If the answer is yes, there is going to be extra costs for the equipment. The reasons can be varied, but they tend to centre on the size of the venue. If the band has to play a huge room, they will need more speakers and amplifiers to reach the guests. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you will have to pick up the cheque. They might not ask for anything extra, yet they will include it in their costs for the night. You can avoid it if you request a breakdown of the price and an explanation of why any additional costs are necessary. Also, give them a detailed explanation of the layout.


The invitations are ready, and all you have to do is put them in the post. Congrats because writing out the invites is a huge deal and one you want to finish as soon as possible. The only problem with posting them is the cost. A normal invite that doesn’t require any extra additions is going to cost you up to 65p. Okay, so it seems pretty cheap when you think about it in a singular sense. Multiply that the number by a couple of hundred and you’ve got quite a sizeable cost. And, that’s not taking into account the invitations that can cost a few pounds to mail. A simple solution is to pick basic but beautiful invitations to lower the cost. Also, consider going old school and sending them yourself without the help of the postman. It’s more effort, but it’s nowhere near as expensive.


People like the band or the photographer are only at your wedding for a set amount of time. After the time runs out, they will leave. For those of you that want them to stay, you’re going to have to put your hand in your pocket. In the wedding industry, it’s called ‘overtime fees,’ and it’s a big earner for people with certain skills. There isn’t a foolproof way to get around these charges because you have to pay these people for their time. And, they aren’t cheap. But, if it makes the day better, it’s something that you shouldn’t worry about. Let’ face it – no one wants to go home early because the music stopped.

Outdoor Facilities

Some people like the idea of a big wedding. There is nothing wrong with a big wedding as long as you cover all of the costs beforehand. For instance, did you think about the toilet situation? Outside toilets are a must if you don’t want to walk around in a puddle of urine. Companies like Elegance Toilet Hire have a range of options you can consider. And, don’t worry – they’re not as expensive as they sound! Then, there’s the gazebo or tent or whatever you want to call it to shield the guests from the elements. Plus, there is the cost of the tables of chairs which won’t be included in the venue if you want an outdoor reception. Is it possible to lower these costs? Yes, it is if you talk to the place well in advance. An excellent negotiator will be able to include some of the extra costs to save money.


Two things are certain in this life: death and taxes. Although a wedding celebrates the start of your new life, you can’t avoid the taxes. ‘What do you mean? What taxes will I have to pay?’ For starters, there is the cost that the venue has to pay to be able to host the event. Again, this might not come as a separate cost, but it will be in there somewhere. It’s also important not to forget the taxman when it comes to the wedding gifts. Some people give presents, and others give cash. Sorry, but the money might be taxable if you get it all in one lump sum. You can take the risk and not declare it and hope for the best if you prefer. If you don’t want to gamble, talk a cut for the taxman. The obvious way to get around this is to ask for practical gifts. Does anyone fancy a blender?

The Cleanup

Couples spend so much time thinking about their big day that they forget about what happens after. Well, they forget about anything after the honeymoon! Once the day is done, the venue will need to clean up the area for their next clients. After all, life goes on after you both say ‘I do.’ If you thought about it beforehand, the venue should clean the area without tagging on an extra charge. But, if you forget to ask, they might surprise you at the checkout. It all depends on how much bang you get for your buck. People that pay for a full service won’t have to worry, but those of you that only rent the space will have to take a cost like this into consideration.

There you have it – the hidden costs that give couples a heart attack. Now that you understand, you can prepare for the worst financially. Good luck!

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