Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live! at the King’s Theatre Edinburgh Review


Reviewed by Debbie Douglas

The King’s Theatre in Edinburgh is a glorious old theatre at the very top of Lothian road. It is very atmospheric and you must remember to look at the ceiling art. It is easily accessible by bus and or taxi or a brisk walk from Edinburgh’s city centre. There are some lovely café’s nearby and we enjoyed some yummy pancakes before the show.

Mr Bloom used to be on all the time in our house – both my kids (aged 8 and 6) loved him but now my eldest is too cool for him and my youngest copies her brother so I don’t get to see him anymore. I decided we would have one last blast of him and me and my youngest, who has just turned 6, set off to see the live show (30 April 2017). We love going to the theatre and every time I take my kids to these magnificent theatre’s in Edinburgh I am so grateful that we get the chance to do this.

The theatre was packed full of excited tiddlers waiting for him to come on. The vegetables were telling us it was five minutes until the show started which just added to the anticipation. 1.30 sharp and the show started. The set is really well done to look like the allotment and they even have compo. Mr Bloom was on the stage straight away and then introduced the veggies. The show has a plot which was good and everyone had to help Mr Bloom get everything ready for a very special visitor. Amy is probably on the verge of growing out of Cbeebies but I was totally delighted by how much she enjoyed it. She was dancing and singing away and when Mr Bloom pointed at her when she got a question right she was beaming from ear to ear.

The catchy tunes and music is a big part of Mr Bloom’s appeal and he did not disappoint. All the favourite songs were in there as well as a few new ones. There were also a few jokes thrown in for the adults which always makes these shows much more enjoyable. The first half was only on for half an hour and I felt it had gone so quickly but I think it was probably just right for the younger audience. The second have lasted about 40 minutes so just over an hour in all. Mr Bloom encourages everyone to get up and dance and the show is interactive which was great.

We both really enjoyed the show and if you have any little tiddler fans in your house then I would thoroughly recommend this show for them to go and see.

Rating: 5/5

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