Payback Season Review

Payback Season


Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Leo Gregory, Sir Geoff Hurst, Nichola Burley, David Ajala and Adam Deacon
Directed by: Danny Donnelly
Running time: 91 minutes
Certificate: 15
Format: DVD & Blu-Ray
Release date: 4 June 2012

A brutal film involving a premiership footballer and gang violence set in London.

Jerome Davies (Adam Deacon) has made his way from a tough council estate to the high life of Premiership football with all the trappings, lots of money, flash apartments, fast cars and fast women. Having reached the top of his game his thinks his life is sorted until on a visit to see his mum and little brother who still live on the estate of his childhood he meets his old mates including the psychopathic gang leader, Baron (David Ajala).

His old friend, Baron, asks him for a loan of £10,000 which leads to a slippery slope as the demands of £15,000 every couple of months soon come or his so called friend will end his footballing career. It doesn’t matter how much money and prestige he has earned, by hanging about with his old criminal gang he is soon dragged back in the violent world he so desperately tried to escape.

Overall, with a strong cast, well-acted and directed this is an enjoyable film. I personally would not compare it to Lock Stock or Football Factory, but I think I was expecting a lot more violence and being a football film, more hooliganism although some of the violent scenes are quite brutal. Adam Deacon and David Ajala were superb, with David Ajala playing the part of the psychopathic Baron beautifully and Sir Geoff Hurst pops up playing the part of a football agent.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray from 4 June from Revolver here.

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