Party Time Planning: Birthday Ideas Kids Will Love!

If there’s a birthday fast approaching in your house, then you are most probably starting to think about planning a party for the birthday boy or girl. It probably feels like you only just celebrated their last birthday and threw a party – doesn’t time fly? Regardless of how quickly their birthday seems to have come around again, you need to start planning the celebrations for it.

Planning the perfect birthday party can be a little tricky, as there’s a lot to think about. From your child’s age and likes and dislikes to your budget, there’s a lot that needs to be taken into account when it comes to party planning. To make it easier for you to organise your child’s birthday party and ensure that it’s one to remember, below are some tips and ideas to take note of.

Invite their favourite Disney character along

When you’re a kid, what’s more magical than celebrating your birthday with your favourite Disney character in tow? Whether your little one is Disney princess mad or is crazy about Pirates of the Caribbean, consider inviting their favourite character along. Just think, you can theme the whole party around them – how cool would that be? Obviously, entertainers don’t always come cheap, which could be an issue if you’re on a budget. However, if you are willing to look into taking out a small, short-term loan, like Swift payday loans, for instance, you can make hiring a Disney character for your child’s party more affordable.

Pick a bouncy castle with a difference

Instead of selecting a normal bouncy castle for your child’s party, choose a design that’s more unique. If they are having a themed party, such as a princess-themed party, pick a bouncy castle that’s shaped like a castle. Or, how about hiring a bouncy castle that dubles as an assault course or a giant slide? Don’t just hire any old bouncy castle, think outside the box and pick something that’s wonderfully unique and fits the theme of your child’s party.

Overhaul the party games

Don’t plan to play all of the same old party games, get creative and come up with some new activities. There are so many fun activities that you can organise; it’s just a case of getting a little inspiration. A great resource for this is Pinterest – on here you can find hundreds of kid’s party game ideas that have that unique twist to them. Kids get bored of playing the same old games, so it’s worth mixing the games up a little – you could even pick ones that fit the theme of the party.

Get creative with the party bags

Instead of just handing out pieces of birthday cake, a few sweets and a couple of mini toys, get more creative. There are lots of simple ways you can overhaul the party bags and make them more unique. The first step is to take the theme of the party into account and find a way to bring that into the party bags in some way. Say, for instance, the party is pirate themed, perhaps you could get each child a mini ship in the bottle kit or maybe a pirate colouring book?

So, there you have it, birthday party ideas sure to impress.

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