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Party Pieces Easter Activity Kits Review

Reviewed by Susan Ling

As I was due to meet up with a couple of friends over the weekend I thought I would get a few bits to keep our young children (3-5 years) entertained and with Easter approaching we decided on Easter themed activities.

The Party Pieces website is easy to navigate and offers kids’ activity kits (starting at 49p) as well as party supplies. Everything I ordered arrived quickly and were well packaged.

The Easter Bonnet Decorating Kit is great value at £1.99. The kit consists of coloured paper streamers, flowers and Easter-themed characters. I found it to be a no-fuss, minimum-preparation way to provide an activity for my little girl and her friends. They spent a happy half-hour gluing the bits and pieces to their bonnets, without much input needed from us parents. The bonnets aren’t included but you can pick them up from the website very cheaply (£1.79). On the downside, I found the kit to be a bit ‘girly’ (as described by my friend’s 5 year old boy’) – as the colours of the decorations are mainly purple and pink. Overall though I was pleased with the quality, convenience and value for money and would recommend it. Rating: 4/5.


The Dunk and Colour Egg Colouring Kit (£2.29) includes 5 reusable plastic egg baths and food colouring tablets, an egg dipper and a ‘magic’ wax crayon. The idea is to hard-boil some eggs, draw a design on with the wax crayon and then dip them into the food colouring solution. Once the eggs are removed they are coloured and the wax design ‘magically’ shows up. I was really looking forward to using this kit and it didn’t disappoint! The children absolutely loved this activity. It does take a lot of adult supervision, but I was happy to do this as it was a lot of fun. Also I would recommend wearing old clothes, as the dye baths are quite messy! In my opinion it is great value for money, especially with it being reusable. A very cheap way to spend some quality time with your young ones. Highly recommended! Rating: 5/5


The last activity of the day was an Easter egg hunt (using the eggs we had decorated, whilst wearing our Easter bonnets!). The Hip Hop Hooray Easter Hunt Kit (£9.99) includes 4 bunny signposts, 8 signposts for the kids to decorate and 7 sticker sheets to decorate them with. The signposts are quite tall and sturdy, made from quality card – you could easily save the signposts to use again, especially as the kit’s packaging is firm and resealable. They are nice and colourful – they looked really good once set up in the garden and were eye catching. The activity lasts quite a while as it is in two parts – decorating signposts, then hunting for eggs. The children really did enjoy making the signs and then seeing their work displayed as part of the egg hunt. Overall, this kit’s saving grace is that it is good quality, which somewhat justifies the higher than average price. I am looking forward to using them again next Easter! Rating: 4/5


Overall, these activity kits provided a whole day’s worth of fun for our children and I was very pleased with them – the children were tired out, happy and went to bed easily! I would recommend Party Pieces to my friends as an activity kit supplier, as they have plenty of original, cost-conscious ideas for children’s activities. I will definitely use this website again. Thank you!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

4 half Star

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