Panic Button Review


Panic Button (18)

Reviewed by David Savage

This film is apparently inspired by true stories on social networking sites but you will have to make up your own mind if you think this is true or not.

A very violent but enjoyable film. This film starts with the shooting of a grandmother by a masked intruder but you do not find out why until later in the film.

A social networking site called runs a contest to win a trip on a private jet to New York. The 4 winners meet at the airport (2 men and 2 women) and are asked to give up their mobile phones before boarding so that they can take part in the onboard game. The onboard game is a talking alligator on a screen that asks questions. One of them accepts the terms and conditions of the game without reading them and now they are all locked into the game until the end or face consequences. If any of them fail to abide by the rules they will be asked questions based on their online profiles but whoever is behind the talking alligator knows more than they should about each person.

The game starts off innocently enough but soon becomes personal, dangerous and terrifying as when someone breaks the rules they have to watch a friend or family member being brutally murdered. They are set a task to complete before they reach their destination and must complete it to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

This a film that shows loosely the dangers of sharing too much information on social networking sites and the internet with people that you don’t know.

It is a very enjoyable film but at times with some bizarre plot twists that just don’t seem to make sense (but don’t take anything away from the film).

Overall an excellent British horror film that will make you think twice and information you put on the internet and social networking sites.

Rating: 4/5

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This low budget British indie-type horror is based around the subject of social networking, a relevant and up to date theme. Four random people from a social networking site win an all inclusive trip to New York. They all meet at the airport and are then relinquished of all communications with the outside world and they board the private jet. Their journey then culminates into a flight of horror and fear. Although obviously shot on a small budget with a small set and relatively unknown actors it is a well acted and well shot film which keeps you gripped to the very end.

The theme, being based around the whole social-networking scene is certainly very relevant and close-to-home for many people! It could make anybody think twice about what they are doing when next online!

Overall I enjoyed this film, certainly more than I ever thought I would with this type of film.

A friend who watched it with me said that it was very much like the style of the ‘Saw’ horror films, which I never really took to. However this expands on that style with the modern aspect of the social networking, thus making me more interested, and kept me gripped with a very creepy ending.

Although I was not sure about this film at first I enjoyed it thoroughly, would recommend it to friends and am going to inwardly digest a second viewing very soon !

Rating: 4/5
Reviewed by Paul Harvey

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