Pamper Your Dog Review

Reviewed by Rachel Cassey-Holland

I have two dogs – the oldest is a 12-year-old female Yorkie X another terrier and the other a 5-year-old male Springer Spaniel. Our Yorkie X is still very active and also loves to chew but can be picky and so I was really interested to see the selection of toys and what she thought of them. The Springer is an easier customer to please so I wasn’t as worried about his thoughts!

I received a box of treats to pamper my dog. The contents of the box were as follows and I will give a review of each product in the order listed below: 

Mikki Sensitive Dog Shampoo
Mikki “A Good Hair Day” Soft Pin Slicker Brush S
Furzz plush dog toy (Beaver)
Nylabone Dog Extreme Chew Cheese XS
Nylabone Bison Dog Extreme Chew (Hold & Chew) S

Mikki Sensitive Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is step 3 of Mikki’s “Five Easy Grooming Steps” range and the bottle holds 250ml of shampoo, which retails for approximately £4 online. The blurb on the back states that the shampoo is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin and the formula is natural aloe and bamboo. The smell of the shampoo is really pleasant and gentle and the consistency is quite watery and clear.

Both my dogs can have quite sensitive skin so I was really keen to know how this would work for them. Because the shampoo is very runny it’s easy to lose quite a bit from your hand so I ended up just pouring it from the bottle along their spines. I probably used quite a lot that way. There wasn’t a huge amount of lather with this shampoo either so that’s possibly why I used more. The smell whilst using the shampoo remains pleasant and certainly not overwhelming in any way and the shampoo is really easy to rinse out. The only thing I will say was that there was no residue smell once it had been washed off so my dogs did still smell a little “wet doggy” afterwards. Having said that, both dogs’ coats were left soft and smooth and easy to comb out once they were dry. As far as I can see there has been no sort of reaction to this shampoo, which is great news, but I would not be sure quite how far this shampoo would go to soothe an irritated skin condition either. My only remark would be that I would really have liked to see a list of ingredients for this product. Personally speaking, I have to steer clear of certain chemicals that nowadays seem to be in many products, which are for everyday use and I would rather my dogs did too. There are no ingredients listed on the bottle, which has slightly worried me given that there is a clear warning not to use the shampoo on puppies under 8 weeks and that this product can cause serious eye irritation/the person using it should wear protective gloves/clothing and eye protection whilst using it. Based on this alone I would probably not choose to use it again.

Mikki “A Good Hair Day” Soft Pin Slicker Brush – S

The slicker brush (RRP: £6.99) is step 2 of the easy grooming steps and is suited for medium/long-coated dogs. It comes really well and attractively packaged with a hole in the front to allow you to feel how soft the brush pins are. The front of the packaging states the brush’s main purpose is for shedding and undercoat, both of which we struggle with when it comes to our Springer.

The main selling points of this brush are:

  • Flexible head which makes the brush flow smoothly over the dog’s body whilst brushing, which means more relaxed and comfortable grooming
  • Comfortable rubberised grip on the handle
  • Thin stainless-steel pins with bobbles on the ends to ensure the dog’s comfort whilst raking out the coat.

This brush works really well even on a short coat. My Yorkie X is clipped short but clearly enjoyed the sensation when being brushed with this brush softly. I was able to remove small tangles from my Springer and he even found it comfortable enough for me to use it on his leg hair, which he normally hates. I would really highly recommend this brush to anyone looking for a great, well-priced tool (averaging between £6-£7 online) to help remove a fair amount of loose dog hair.

Furzz Plush Dog Toy (Beaver)

My Yorkie X didn’t get a look in with this toy from PetLove (RRP: £7.99 small / £10.99 large) as my Springer is obsessed with realistic animal toys. He absolutely loves this although I’m not sure he has ever been able to make it squeak unless we have done it for him. He carries it everywhere in his mouth by the body and adores it and he uses it as the packaging says is intended – as if he has picked something up in the wild. He loves to take it outside and tries to stun it by spinning it round and shaking it. The only thing is he does love to destroy toys, especially soft ones, so within half an hour he had torn off one ear, one eye and had ripped a massive hole in the front. It is definitely not Springer proof but this doesn’t detract from his love for it and it is still very safe to use even though it has been ripped. I would consider buying this maybe as a doggy Christmas present because, at approximately £10.99, it’s quite expensive to be ripped apart within half an hour. For the pure enjoyment factor, though, I would give this a solid 10/10.

Nylabone Dog Extreme Chew Cheese XS

Unfortunately this bone is a little too small for my Yorkie X as this states it is suitable for dogs up to 7kg. She is bigger than a standard Yorkie and weighs in at approx. 8.5 kg, but I tried it with her anyway under supervision to see what she thought. It states on the packaging that it is “cheese flavour” but on the reverse the details state that this is an artificial flavour. I don’t think it had any appeal to my dog, as she didn’t pick it up or have any interest in it. The instructions state on the front that you can fill the indents all over the bone with a spreadable treat. I tried this and she had a lick but again not very interested. I can see that a dog who is very treat orientated might enjoy this more as it has the capacity to fill holes with treat and a dog that really needs to chew might enjoy this, but sadly this is not for us. This retails from around £6 upwards online.

Nylabone Bison Dog Extreme Chew (Hold & Chew) S

This is a wishbone shaped chew, brown in colour and made of nylon, as the name would suggest. It is described as an “extreme chew” and “extra durable” and the packaging even goes so far as to state that it “challenges aggressive chewers”. Well I have a pretty aggressive chewer in my Springer so I thought it would really be put to the test.

There is a meaty smell that emanates from the bone, which is probably appealing to dogs, but not to me! When I read the instructions on the reverse of the packaging it says that it’s an artificial flavour made from non-animal products, which doesn’t sit so well with me. This bone came in size small but my Yorkie X was totally uninterested in it. I then tried it with my Springer. Surprisingly he wasn’t interested in it either. My friend’s visiting 1-year-old Cockerpoo (who is also a chewer) was more interested in it and did give it a bit of a chew as there are a few teeth marks in the end, but I am afraid it has been largely ignored otherwise.

I honestly have to say that I wouldn’t choose to buy this for my dogs if I were looking to buy something for them to chew. According to Amazon this is currently retailing at approximately £4.64, whereas my dogs love to chew on pieces of antler for less and all completely natural from our local independent pet shop.

Thank you for giving me the chance to review these products; it has been a fantastic opportunity. If I had to pick my favourites it would most definitely be the Furzz beaver toy and the Slicker brush. I’m afraid that I would not be tempted to make further purchase of the other products because I am looking for something where the ingredients are more visible and natural.

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