PADDINGTON™ Learn To Write The Alphabet And Handwriting Practice Activity Book Review


Reviewed by Michelle

Love Writing Co. Handwriting Practice Made Easier and Fun For Children

Being an absolute fan of any toy, game or book that encompasses sensory, development and interactive play, I find it is extremely important for any child’s development.

Cognitive learning is also very important when it comes to interactive play and there is so much that can be learnt through this book , including counting, imagination, observation, hand and eye co-ordination and so much more.

This amazing book is packed with 58 pages of fun, fun, fun whilst learning to read, write and more and is a great concept for learning at home.  It is such a great book that you could even buy it to gift to someone.

As you open the book, to the left is a welcome note and to the left is where you can personalise the book to who it belongs to and their age.  There is a brief note to parents about how the book is developed to help your child learn the alphabet and letter formation with the help of Paddington.  What I found exceptionally creative was the next bit of information to the parents is helping them to teach your child to hold a pencil correctly by using the dynamic trip grip shown at the bottom of page.  It can be difficult for someone to show how to hold a pencil but this illustration is a brilliant idea.

From page 2 is where the fun begins, right up to page 58 where there is a well done message saying the child has completed the workbook with a picture of Paddington to colour in.  Next to it, is a page of amazing stickers, we used them occasionally as reward stickers when they completed a few pages.  There are 35 stickers in total, so not enough to use as a reward for each page completed but you can use them just for fun.

This book is packed with immense fun, activities, learning and so many bright and bold colours. Expect to see beautiful colours within the illustrations and drawings such as:-


You see Paddington in his infamous Red Hat and Blue Coat, either writing on a paper, eating his sandwich, waving and so much more. The illustrations of him are delightfully superb and very enchanting too.  There is a picture of Paddington that needs colouring in, instead of paint my numbers technique, it is paint by colours where there is a box that shows which colours to use and where with the initials of each colour on the picture to be coloured in.  This is only page 9 and there is so much more fun to be had.

The hand and eye co-ordination within this book is phenomenally amazing as it gets them to practice ‘Pre-writing Skill’s.  This is carried out by getting the child to follow the dotted lines, be a zig zag pattern, straight lines, waves, circles and it even has a pattern which gets them prepared for writing joined up.

There are images within the book such as colour flowers, the flowers has the name of the colour on it too, great for teaching and learning their colours.

There is a beautiful page on page 5 where you have to trace the dots on different patterns; on each pattern there is a bee, join the dots to reach the flowers.  Each pattern of dots leads to an image such as a car, rocket, animal and vehicle.

There is a page which is a maze where you have to find Paddington’s hat.  Within this page there is an array of colours which you can make reference to within the interactive learning and playtime.  This is page 21.

There is a page where not only does it help to teach them to write but recognise words to match up, for example, there are 4 jam jars, on each of the, there is a different name of jam, underneath, the letter J is missing and the remaining letters to join the dots up to write are ‘a’ and ‘m’.  Each jar even has an illustration of the fruit so they can recognise what it looks like.  This is page 25. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant concept!

There is a word search where they look for each of the words and when they find them, they join up the dots to make the word as well as writing it.  This is page 57.

Honestly, there is so much to learn in the book and the way it has been put together is brilliant.  When learning to write letters by joining the dots, there are arrows to show which direction to write the letters.

3 to 5 years and upwards

1 x book of absolute fun

W 8.5 inches x L 11.3/4 inches x D 0.2 inches
W 215.9mm x L 298.5mm x D 5mm
W 21.59cm x L 29.85cm x D 0.5cm



Scroll to the bottom of the website and you see ‘Downloads’ which enables you to purchase and download other activities, just click on this link to find out more

There is also a ‘FREE Activities’ tab, just click on that and you will see many actinides which you can print off and use. From colouring, to affirmation stickers, even includes Mother’s Day Activity Jar messages where a message can be written on.  How lovely is this after learning to write in the book.  Honestly, the list is endless, just take a look at the following link, you will not be disappointed

You will also find at the bottom of the website page, useful links such as the following and much more:-

Lefthand Writing tips

At the time of typing my review, I found this at an amazing price for just £9.99 with £3.99 delivery within the United Kingdom.  If you spend £40..0 or more, then delivery is FREE.

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You can purchase this amazing writing book direct from Love Writing Co by clicking on the following link:-

We all love social media and what with most of us on it now-a-days, I was really pleased to see just how much Love Writing Co has taken to the social media side of things.  I have provided the links to all their pages, apps and websites.

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Rating:  5/5

Absolutely fantastic and amazing concept to not only just learn how to write but multitask by reading and writing at the same time.  I absolutely love this book and I have not seen anything out there on the market like this. This would be great in pre-schools for both students and teachers.

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