Bluey’s Big Play Theatre Royal Nottingham Review


Reviewed by Gemma F

We excitedly set off for Nottingham’s Theatre Royal see the ever popular Bluey on the big stage!

The Theatre Royal is in the city centre and is easily accessed by train, car and tram.  Surrounded by Nottingham’s numerous eateries and shops, it’s the perfect venue for a day out.  The theatre offers reduced rate parking nearby which we found easy to book and cost us just £7 for 8 hours parking.  As we approached the theatre we were really wowed by this imposing and impressive building.  There is a separate spacious bar area which offers a welcome retreat from the busy theatre foyer.  Buggy parking is available free of charge and was very popular.  The cloakroom was a welcome addition on a rainy February day but, with so many coats and umbrellas between us, it was quite expensive at £2 per item.

As we found our seats, the excitement was heightened by the wonderful theatre interior.  With its original decorative features, we were in awe of this traditional theatre of dreams.  Packed with families and little ones, there was a real buzz of excitement as the show began and the audience were hushed by the magical birds that appeared to fly above us.  This built up perfectly to the big moment…the arrival on stage of Mum, Dad, Bluey and Bingo!  Dad, who feels like a little rest, is faced with Bluey and Bingo who have other plans and use all the tricks at their disposal to get Dad off his bean bag!  The puppeteers do an incredible job of bringing the characters to life.  It’s a very physical role and they perform it effortlessly and professionally.

If you are a fan of Bluey and Bingo on TV then you’ll love this show!  Filled with the same relatable family humour, Bluey’s Big Play delivers laugh out loud entertainment.  The show tells the tale of Bluey and her ‘important role’ as Bingo’s big sister.  The show is punctuated by colourful set changes which helps to keep little ones engaged.  As the theatre was filled with lots of very excited pre-schoolers, the characters voices on stage could have been a little bit louder so that it was easier to follow the story.  However, we particularly liked the very entertaining toy owl that bursts into action and had little ones dancing in their seats!  As with all good Bluey stories, the show ends with a touching message which produced an audible ‘ahhh’ from the audience.  The absolute highlight though comes after the show….but you’ll have to go see the play to find out about this interactive activity that had everyone in the stalls leaping around!

I think the best review for this show was expressed by the little boy who was sitting in front of me…he cried because the show had ended and he wanted to watch it all over again!  Surely, that’s the greatest compliment any children’s show can receive!

Rating: 3/5
Tickets cost from £15.50
Bluey’s Big Play is at Theatre Royal, Nottingham from 9th February – 11th February 2024
Box Office: 0115 989 5555. Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Theatre Square, Nottingham, NG1 5ND.

Bluey’s Big Play

Photo credit: Madison Square Garden

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