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OXO Good Grips Compact Food Scale Review

Reviewed by Laura Skinner

I was asked to review the OXO Good Grips Compact Food Scale, and the first thing that struck me when I received the scales was how compact the scales actually are. They are designed for ‘portioning on the go’ where you control the amount of food you eat by weighing it.

The compact size of the scales mean they are easy to put in a handbag or lunch box and are light enough to carry about if eating out.

However, regardless of whether you portion your food for dieting or not, these scales are perfect for any kitchen. They are easy to use and take a capacity of up to 500g. They also have a function to ‘Add-and-weigh’, which is handy for baking. The dials are clear and easy to read as the scales have an angled surface where you can read the measurement from above. This is a really nice feature as I have scales which are so hard to read and it really can affect the end result when baking.

There is an easy option to choose between US or metric by simply choosing which side of the scales to move the dial to. The bowl is quite light and fits neatly on top of the scales. It is dishwasher safe, however does feel quite fragile so would crack if dropped on a hard surface. However the bowl fits neatly over the scale which makes for easy storage.


I really like the scales, obviously they will not weigh large portions but then again that is not what they are designed for. They will definitely get a lot of use in my kitchen and I would recommend them.

They are priced at £12 which I feel is very reasonable.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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