Out of This World at the Festival Theatre Edinburgh Review


Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

Out of This World tells the story of Ellen who has been in a car accident, she is in pain, confused, disoriented and her husband is missing. She is put into a medical induced coma – this world is projected through film, animation, explosive special effects and aerial choreography. It is visually and musically stunning, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you were not sure what to expect next.

There were times I was confused as the story moved so quickly, combining some reality but mostly Ellen’s subconscious as she relives her recent wedding, the intimacy, the life time dreams that have been snatched away; this all brings a deep emotion of the frailty of life and how quickly it can change. You feel Ellen’s bewilderment and when the house lights come up and she is standing at the edge of the stage, looking straight out says ‘Is anyone else confused?’ is brilliant. Incorporating the audience worked well, as I was still confused, but it did put you more in touch of the storyline.

Teetering on the brink of death, Ellen must make a decision to live or go with her love and new husband. The special effects and aerial choreograph for these scenes were spectacular! A pause for thought, what is there after death? The blackness of nothing or do you stay together… I enjoyed the ‘airport check in’ scene as it brought a bit of humour in a very serious situation.

Overall, this heart-breaking love story was visually ‘out of this world’ it took theatre to a new dimension, that I hope to experience again. The use of cinemograph, music and aerial wires that moved you into the story, you were sitting in that waiting room, Ellen was the ‘ghost’ giving insight of the crashed mind, life scenes flashing by, the head screaming in pain and the decisions of life and death. Sadly, I left feeling a bit cheated, I wish the conclusion was stronger, the whole experience was powerful in the way it was delivered, it just didn’t have the final full stop for me.

Rating: 4/5

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