Organix Christmas Selection Box Review


Reviewed by Karen

Although it’s November I’m feeling very festive with the arrival of the Organix Christmas Selection Boxes. I was introduced to the Organix range around four and half years ago when I was starting to wean my son. Safe to say the gingerbread men were his favourite and were always a staple in my changing bag to grab as a snack during our little trips out.

Organix stated back in 1992 at Ringwood Market and in the past 19 years they’ve come on a long way to being one of the leading baby food brands that everyone knows and loves. They recently joined forces with JB Gill and The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) to create a weekly programme to help young children ‘eat their way through a rainbow of nutritious and delicious fruit and veggies’. Check out the website here as there are some fantastic ideas for fun activities and meals to try. In our house we have one child who classes a banana a day as enough fruit and veg so I’ll be checking it out to see if it can help my picky eater try more fruit and veg.

The Christmas selection box is bright and attractive to young children with a wonderful Christmas theme on the outside of the box. It is decorated in apples, strawberries, oranges and grapes with gingerbread men and oaty bars too which my 5-year-old recognized instantly, no surprise there. With a picture on the box of the contents it’s a great way to see what you are getting for your money and with all the items inside being full size it makes it great value for money.

On the inside of the box are cut out pictures that children can take out and create a snowy scene on the selection box or create a Christmas card. They are easy to tear out and would make a great Christmas activity on one of those cold and wet December days.

The selection box includes Strawberry and Apple Gummies, Mini Gingerbread Men, Apple and Orange Soft Oat Bar, Alphabet Biscuits and Raspberry and Apple Soft Oaty Bar. With 3 young children I had plenty of taste testers who were very willing to try the snacks out. In true style for this household, they went down a treat and they all enjoyed them. The Gingerbread men were the favourites, but the Strawberry and Apple Gummies didn’t go down to well with my 5-year-old who said he didn’t like the texture of them. My 3-year-old was a different story and happily ate her half.

We all know that Christmas comes with a lot of unhealthy snacks and sweets. I like the selection box as I know I can share it with the children during Christmas as a nice treat without worrying how much chocolate they have consumed, and the snacks make a great filler for the car journeys between families houses and parties. I did also spot an advent calendar on Organix website which I’ll be back to check out as something different for the children instead of the traditional chocolate advent calendars.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3.00

This product can be purchased from Organix here.

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