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Reviewed by Louise Totton

We love Sistema Plastics products in our house and have more of them than I think I can count! We love their lunchboxes and water bottles for days out, their Sistema Ultra range is one of my favourite ever storage systems for rice and pasta, and I use my Hydrate Double-walled Stainless Steel drinks bottle every day for work. So when we were offered the opportunity to try out products from another two of Sistema’s ranges, we were delighted to oblige!

We were sent items from the Sistema Brilliance and Sistema Home ranges. The Brilliance range is a stackable and crystal-clear storage range that is also 100% leak-proof, freezer-safe and even has built in vents for microwave use. It is probably the most attractive storage set I’ve seen, and the shape of the bowls and the crystal-clear plastic actually make it look almost glass-like.

Available in three different sizes which stack perfectly on top of each other, the Brilliance range allows you to make the most of your fridge space and stack your leftovers thoroughly efficiently. And those leftovers aren’t limited to ‘solid’ foods; the Brilliance range is so completely leakproof that you can even use it to take thin liquids out and about with you and you won’t spill a drop. They are available in three useful sizes, starting from £4.99. The range includes a 380ml container, a 920 ml container and a large 2 litre version which is still a very reasonable £9.99.

I have been using mine to take my lunch in to work, and this has ranged from chilli con carnie to curry to soups, and none of them have spilled a drop. The vented lids are microwave safe as well as the main bowl so you can reheat your lunch without fear of it drying out, and the clips on the side double up as vents meaning you can go straight from fridge or freezer to microwave without worrying about the food splatter. They have also coped incredibly well with strong smelling foods like chilli and foods like curry that can have a tendency to stain – after multiple uses, they have remained odour-free, stain-free and scratch-free, which I am incredibly impressed with.

These containers are fabulous and if you were able to invest in a number of them will really help you to organise your fridge and also to reduce food wastage. Because they are totally air-tight, stored food lasts an awful lot longer than in a standard container and looks an awful lot more appetising.

But revamping your storage is about more than in-home storage, and we have also been trying out some fabulous boxes for organising your shopping and your car. The Sistema Home range consists of three differently sized plastic baskets ranging from the small 1.2 litre baskets through to the medium 5.25 litre versions and the large 18.5 litre containers.

These baskets are made from durable and strong plastic and are cleverly designed to either nest within one another or be stacked. They look rather like an attractive, plastic shopping basket and they have handles that fold in and out just like the supermarket ones. We were sent one of each size to try out in white, but they are also available in black, so depending on whether you want them for the home or the car, you should be able to find ones that will fit with your décor.

I found the large baskets to be absolutely perfect of keeping in the boot of the car, and they make shopping at German discount supermarkets an awful lot easier as you can much more easily keep up with the cashiers flinging your shopping at you than you can with carrier bags! We popped them in the trolley at the beginning of the shop and we sorted our shopping as we went along, allowing us to keep cleaning products separate from loose fruit and veg, and allowing us to keep raw meats away from other shopping. It was then really simple to pack the shopping straight into the baskets at the checkouts and to just lift the whole thing into the car then into the house when we got home. Because the baskets are rigid, your shopping doesn’t get squashed either, and everything stays in much better condition. I also remember to pop these back into the car at home when we’ve unpacked the shopping so I don’t tend to find myself having to buy single-use bags in the supermarkets.

The small and medium baskets are probably a little too small to use for shopping, but we have found plenty of uses for them around the house, from storing the kids’ pens and pencils to using them as a peg bucket, and for keeping cleaning products clean and tidy. They are all really strong and robust, and the big ones have coped just find with large bottles of milk and bags of potatoes on the weekly shop.

These are a great storage system, and we have found the large ones in particular to be incredibly useful and far better than using carrier bags is in every sense. They also look great, and look fabulous in the utility room, and they can be really easily washed and kept clean. Yet again, Sistema have come up trumps with good quality and enjoyable ways of reducing waste and reliance on single-use plastics, with the added bonus of them looking great too!  

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit sistemaplastics.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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