Organic Mondays Menarche Kit Review

Reviewed by Louise Watts

Puberty for any child is a difficult time and there are still so many things that parents do not talk to their kids about, kids don’t want to talk to their parents about or entirely normal things that people still get embarrassed about. For girls, sadly periods still seem to be of those embarrassing things that they try and avoid talking about – not in my house however! With 3 daughters aged between 11 and 16 years and myself, there are oodles of female hormones floating around. Period talk is a day to day occurrence! I consider us very lucky in that we can have these open discussions, but am very aware from some of their friends and peers that not all families are like us.

The only way to improve on this communication is to make it normal. Periods are normal for every female in the world. They are essential for reproduction and the world would not survive without them! Why is there still so much stigma and shame attached? One way to break the cycle is to raise awareness, make sanitary towels and tampons a normal part of the shopping, not something that gets hidden at the bottom of the trolley so people don’t see. If I suggested buying your daughters a “period pack” for Christmas, you may consider me to be mad. But what better way to teach the girls in our lives that this is a normal thing.  We love receiving shower gel, perfume and many other toiletries as presents so why would a present dedicated to periods be any different?

Organic Mondays are a company who sell plastic free period necessities. They value workers, products and the world. By not using plastic products we can contribute to making the planet a better place. My 14-year-old daughter was given the pleasure of testing out the Organic Mondays Menarche kit or First Period Kit retailing at £27 including delivery. When it arrived, it was beautifully boxed with the Organic Mondays logo on it. On opening the cardboard box, the kit itself came in a beautiful teal coloured box with “Mondays Organic” embossed on the top. The box is fully recyclable and subtle. You would never guess what was in it by the exterior.

The contents of the box are as follows:

  • 10 Teal pads (absorbency 3 drops)
  • 5 Pink pads (absorbency 4 drops)
  • 12 Panty Liners (absorbency 1 drop)
  • 3 Tampons (absorbency 2 drops)
  • 1 Menarche leaflet
  • 1 Period tracker
  • 1 Organic cotton purse

The contents are all beautifully packed and well presented. The packaging is very pretty with feminine colours on and the logo is clearly visible. There is something very special about the contents, they make you feel important, they are not cheap looking or dirty looking, they are a classy product that girls would be proud to carry around. The cotton purse is beautifully made and is a lovely pink and cream colour. You would never know what was in it if you saw it in someone’s bag. There is a pretty little bow on the zip and the size is perfect to put all of your necessities in.

There is a leaflet included in the kit which gives clear diagrams on how to use the tampons and explains that everything is made from biodegradable 100% organic cotton.

My daughter thought the kit was lovely and was excited to try out the products. She has not been having her periods for long so it was all a little trial and error to see which products worked for her. She said they were all easy to use and felt comfortable. She felt safe and secure and had faith that they were able to do the job and she would not be left in an embarrassing position.

We talked about how she would feel or what she would think if she received this as a present. She said she felt it would be lovely, she would feel like she had received a luxury version of something she uses every month.

I would thoroughly recommend this kit as a gift for any girl of early period age. It makes a lovely gift and adds a little luxury to an otherwise tedious chore!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27

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