Munchkin Miracle 360 Wildlove Trainer Cup Review

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Reviewed by Louise Higgs

I was really happy to receive the Munchkin Miracle 360° Wildlove Trainer Cup to review. I received the orca whale design, which really is lovely – the colours are so bright and vibrant. The top of the trainer cup (including handles) is orange and the bottom of the trainer cup is a bright blue colour with a large friendly-looking orca whale on it, including bubbles and coral/seaweed. The packaging is really environmentally friendly, as it is made out of brown 100% recycled cardboard, so it is widely recycled- which is great! A lot of children’s cups/beakers come in excessive plastic, unrecyclable packaging, so it was really lovely that this trainer cup came in minimal recyclable packaging, as it is so important to be environmentally minded. I noted that the company has deliberately used 100% recycled packaging to “support the health and happiness of all precious creatures on earth.”  This is such a great message to send to both children and their parents. The packaging has lots of facts and figures regarding orca whales, which was awesome to read to my little girl. There was lots of information about what orca whales eat; how orca whales have camouflage skin; and about their social habits. There is also information regarding how the orca whales suffer mental, emotional and physical stress when kept in captivity – who knew such simple packaging could be so informative. I really like how much thought the company has put into the packaging, it is fabulous!

The trainer cup is 6oz (177ml), which makes a great size for little ones. It’s not too big, which makes it nice and easy for little ones to be able to hold. The trainer cup is also BPA free, which is a great feature (I would not let my little ones use anything that contains harmful BPA). The main feature of the cup is that children can use it just like a normal cup, but without the risk of spilling water, which is obviously a common occurrence when children are drinking, as they tend to forget they have a cup in their hands. My little one found it really easy to drink from the cup, and I read on the packaging (more useful information) that the Munchkin Miracle 360° Wildlove Trainer Cup is dentist recommended, as it supports normal muscle development in a child’s mouth. I hadn’t really thought about how a cup could affect the muscle in your mouth, but this makes sense, as the child is actively having to drink from the cup, rather than it just free flowing into their mouth. 

I was worried that the top of the cup would be difficult to clean (we do not have a dishwasher), but it is really easier and it is actually easier than having to clean a spouted cup, as you do not have to get into the hard to reach spouts, as I actually feel like this spoutless cup stays cleaner than a spouted cup.

I 100% recommend the Munchkin Miracle 360° Wildlove Trainer Cup for children, from the research and design right through to the well thought out packaging. It is great that it comes in several different designs, and as your child gets older, you can also get a larger cup without handles (which I will definitely be purchasing).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.49

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