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Orchard Toys Look and Find Alphabet Jigsaw Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Orchard Toys make such great fun and educational games (we have bought quite a few in our house; Shopping List plus expansion packs, Penguin Pairs, Crocodile Snap, Pigs in Pants and lots more). So we were delighted when we received the new Look and Find… Alphabet Jigsaw for review.

The Look and Find… Alphabet Jigsaw is actually 2 15-piece jigsaws in one box. One is the letters of the alphabet with pictures and the other is a fun summer scene. They are design to be used in conjunction with each other. Each jigsaw is approx. 21x30cm (11.5×16.5”).

While this is aimed at children 3 years +, I have been using it with 5-year-old twins who are undergoing speech and language therapy (SALT) and it is a great way to get them talking. Doing the jigsaws is easy for them, but once done the aim is to find the images on the alphabet puzzle, i.e. A is for Apple and find them in the summer scene puzzle. This encourages dexterity skills while putting the jigsaws together, problem solving skills, observation and matching skills, memory skills, learning the alphabet and letter recognition (although both boys already know this), vocabulary, speech and conversation between each other and the adult.

We have also used it alongside things we have used in SALT and finding what is the same and different; i.e. what is the same or different between two images (cat and elephant are same as both have 4 legs but are different because only elephant has a trunk etc.). It is a great fun way to encourage and improve their speech, vocabulary, listening and conversation skills as well as turn taking.

Overall, I am very impressed with the educational benefits of this puzzle (that said, Orchard Toys games and puzzles we have used in the past all always very educational and helpful and we have always been able to adapt them further depending on the boys needs). The boys love doing the jigsaws (they can do one each together) and love talking about what they see in them.

The Look and Find… Alphabet Jigsaw is great just as a jigsaw or learning the alphabet and first words for younger children and excellent for encouraging speech and language in older children. It has even been “Teacher Tested”.

Well done Orchard Toys on another excellent educational tool, and fun puzzle.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8

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