Optimising Digestive Health Book Review

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Optimising Digestive Health

Reviewed by Penny Munro

When my husband was diagnosed as a coeliac a few years ago, I rather naively thought that if he gave up gluten, he would be fine. A few years on, he is still experiencing symptoms and rather naively perhaps I put it down to that he was not being very careful in his choices away from the home. Having now read this informative little book, I am now believe that he actually needs too actively take steps to heal his gut as well as cutting out the gluten before he will be symptom free.

I was initially skeptical about the content of the book. We Brits don’t really go in for discussing our bodily functions on a day to day basis. That said, once I started reading it, I found it hard to put it down as it was so topical for me.  It starts with an informative section about our digestive system including the rather quirky “A Day in the Life of a Sandwich” (what happens to it and us once we have swallowed it) and goes on to explain what can go wrong. It proceeds on to how we should eat properly, mostly sensible comments but I had no idea that that too much liquid with one’s meal could affect the way your body starts breaking it down. After this, there are 10 chapters providing practical advice to improve digestive health.

It is a well written book but I think it is a book that needs to be read from cover to cover to get the most benefit, rather than dipping in and dipping out. Whilst I would always advise a visit to one’s GP upon experiencing any problems with our bodily functions in the first instance, I am anticipating that anyone who regularly experiences any kind of digestive/bowel irregularities would benefit from this book.

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