One For All Amplified Indoor Aerial Review


Reviewed by David Savage

One For All make some great products for use with televisions, although they are probably best known for their universal remote controls. After trying out and reviewing their Smart Control 5 (URC 7955) universal remote and their Rechargeable Wireless TV Headphones (HP 1030), I had one more item to try out; the 54dB Amplified Indoor Aerial (SV 9495).

On opening the box my thoughts were that it was quite large, but it is very slim. In the box there is the aerial, power adapter, stand (for free standing), screws (for wall mounting) and user manual.

The aerial is black and square, measures approx. 30x25x1cm. It can be used flat (lying down), standing (with supplied bracket) or can be wall mounted (screw supplied). It has a signal level indicator on the front, is equipped with Automatic Gain Control (up to 54dB) to ensure the correct level of gain to get the best signal, works with DVB-T/DVB-T2 television, Freeview and DAB radio and has a 3G/4G filter to filter out interference from mobile phone signals to ensure best picture. This aerial works within 15 miles of your nearest transmitter (you can find if this aerial will be good for you by going to and putting in your post code).

As my television was already tuned to receive a signal using an outdoor aerial I just unplugged the aerial cable and plugged in this one. The signal indictor on the aerial showed I was only receiving one signal bar (it never changed, even when positioning the aerial differently). Because my television had already been tuned I had picture but with this aerial plugged in it kept freezing and then I would get no picture. So as I wasn’t getting a big signal I tried it on the television downstairs, only to get no picture and again 1 signal bar. I then decided to retune the television with this aerial plugged and after scanning I had access to all channels again with clear picture and sound, no freezing or image loss.

I have since retuned the television upstairs and now have a solid picture (still with only 1 signal bar).


Overall, I think this is a good aerial. I don’t live in the best area for signal (I’m about 12 miles from the nearest transmitter) but once retuning the television get a great picture, so the aerial is doing its job. I’m not sure I would necessarily pay the RRP of £64.99 but it is packed with technology to give the best signal and it doesn’t look like the old fashioned metal aerials. With this aerial I get all the digital TV channels and radio with no problems (after retuning as mentioned).

So if you don’t have access to an outside aerial then this is a great alternative (and cheaper than having a digital outside aerial fitted).

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £64.99

Available to buy from

4 half Star

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