All Work And All Play:
Brighton Mum And Entrepreneur Launches Officrèche
A Flexible Childcare Solution

Childcare is great if you work regular hours and have a regular income. But for a growing population of parents who work more flexibly -a third of mothers and a fifth of fathers with dependent children (Office of National Statistics)- it often doesn't suit parent or child.

Brighton based mum and entrepreneur, Elizabeth Moody-Stuart, has finally developed a solutionto this modern dilemma for the parent who works flexibly; a unique organisation that allows the parent to work whilst the child plays in the same building.

"I can book me and my baby in as and when I need from week to week or month to month and I don't need to commute from a nursery to my desk. I know my little one is safe below – I can pop down and check if I want to – and breastfeed! It's a real opportunity to network and be part of a community of families with common issues – and to eventually volunteer in the nursery to earn myself more childcare/hours and to get tips from the paid staff. And the building is beautiful!"

Rhonda Ziman, prospective member of Officrèche

Officrèche offers parents:

  • A secure, nurturing and fun environment for their under 5's

  • Trained staff following the EYFS curriculum

  • A space to work within metres of their children

  • An opportunity to combine breastfeeding and childcare


  • Online booking just the week before childcare/office hours are needed

  • A 90 day shelf life for unused childcare/office hours

  • Internet access, printing, scanning and a meeting room

  • More childcare/office hours through nursery volunteering

Officrèche is 5 minutes walk from Brighton station, a four-storey building with free-flow outdoor space for children from 0-5 years old. We've invested in the very best nursery team and we're welcoming parents and children right now.

Have a look at, call Michelle (the nursery manager) on 01273 434244 or email

  • Exact location: 52 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 3JB, 01273 434244

  • Founder: Elizabeth is a freelance writer and facilitator who created Officrèche because it was exactly what she needed

  • Other facts/details: 
    Online booking system allows parents to book time without relying on a telephone call within office hours
    Pay as you go and 3, 6,12 month subscriptions available
    Volunteering possible only when CRB checked and after completion induction course

  • Parents: Have a look at, call or email and pop in and have a look before signing up.

  • EYFS: Early Years Foundation Stage

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