Nursery Paint



The first ever chemical and VOC free, antibacterial nursery paint made from Soya beans is to launch this month.

Nursery Paint has been designed specifically to prevent germs such as E.coli and MRSA from breeding on walls. The paint is also free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in standard paints used to decorate nurseries.

Developed using a combination of Soya bean oil and antibacterial agent Colloidal Silver, Nursery Paint is the only totally natural paint that eliminates dangerous carbon ‘gases’ emitted by many traditional paints, as well as protecting walls against 99.9% of hidden germs.

Nursery Paint founder and nutritional advisor, Helen Thomson thought of the idea of a totally natural paint while she was pregnant and after learning of the chemicals contained in most paints and their potential effect on her health.

Wanting only the purest products she decided to create her own brand that was not only chemical free but also antibacterial and safe for the environment.

Helen said: “Many pregnant women want only the purest of products for themselves and their child’s environment. There was a wealth of information on the harmful effects of many conventional paints but no solution. I decided to create my own solution and develop a pure paint that is totally safe for pregnant women who need to get painting and who want to know that their baby will sleep in the purest environment possible.

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