NOW That’s What I Call Pop Review


NOWPopNOW That’s What I Call Pop

Reviewed by Louise Abbott

This is a great coloured outer cardboard case with three CD’s in it. There is a wide range of songs here throughout each CD, something for most age groups with tracks from Little Mix, Jessie J, Robbie Williams and Take That (just to name a few of the 66 tracks) – full track listing here.

My daughters are aged 11 and 15 and can’t believe that mum has actually got some modern music for a change. They love dancing and singing along to the songs and although I didn’t recognise many of them from the titles I was pleasantly surprised that I knew many more than I thought. Having more modern things throughout – and not just rave type of dance music is a definite plus as well as not relying on those old tried and tested songs that always seem to appear on collections. Personally I do prefer the old classics but sometimes it’s nice to have a change and this foots the bill perfectly. There are some old type things but not much – a definite emphasis on modern songs and as mentioned mainly stuff I’ve actually heard of on the radio and TV.

Also with usual collections you get one good CD, one mediocre and the obligatory rubbish one. Here we have 3 very playable CD’s – mostly modern with some oldies. Mum now has arrived in the modern era and won’t be cringing with embarrassment at the next party. It’s worth it for that alone!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from the NOW Music Store here.


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