Not My Hats! by Tracy Gunaratnam Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Not My Hats! is written by Tracy Gunaratnam (author of one of our favourite books; Hamster Sitter Wanted) and illustrated by Alea Marley. It is a 32 page picture book story about sharing.

Hettie is a polar bear that just loves to wear hats. She has a very large collection in a variety of styles and sizes. Hettie will share anything she has… except her precious hats.

When her friend Puffin comes along, he is getting a cold head so asks Hettie for a hat, her reply was:

“I’ll share my lollies, my dollies, my books and my brollies, my flippers and my slippers and I’ll even share my kippers… but I’ll never, ever share my HATS!”

She shares her kippers and slippers with him when he gets hungry and his feet get cold, but certainly no hats. Puffin then has to come up with a solution that may be beneficial to them both, but will he succeed?

Overall, while this is a simple and colourful story about sharing things with others, it is fun and entertaining and a good lesson for children to learn.

Written in a style that children will easily be able to read and understand, they will take away the lesson that sharing and joining in with your friends is a positive thing, not only will you both be happy, but you will get to try new things.

It has been beautifully illustrated by Alea Marley in an uncomplicated way using bright and bold colours to portray the story.

Another great bedtime read (or general storytelling) from Tracy Gunaratnam and Maverick Books.

An entertaining and engaging read, with a great message!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (paperback)

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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