No School Like The Old School: Priceless Vintage Decor Tips


With all the emphasis on modern and minimalist home décor these days, it can be easy to think that you need to go as contemporary as possible to have a beautiful home. This is completely wrong! Even today, there are countless tricks and methods you can use to create a gorgeous interior with a more archaic, sophisticated mien. Here are some of our best tips for vintage or retro home décor.

Shelf of Curiosities

If you wanted to go full-on with your vintage décor, the purist’s approach would be getting a massive, mahogany bookcase and filling it with leather-bound books with gilt font on the spines. However, this could be pretty expensive, and wouldn’t really pay off unless you’re working your way through the whole western canon! Instead, make your shelves a mix of both books and curiosities with a certain vintage charm to them. Ceramic bookends, decorative bowls, and ornaments from charity shops or flea markets can all make great aesthetic features.

Collect Colours

If you’re sick of seeing rooms that are made up of a dozen different shades of beige, then I’ve got some good news for you: good vintage décor is all about mixing colours. After setting a focal point in a room, fill the rest of it with a range of complementary colours, and you’ll be amazed by the effect! Let’s say you had a dark brown chesterfield leather sofa as the centrepiece of a lounge. You can balance the room out with objects in a palette of light blues and greens. Getting the balance right takes some experimentation, but when you hit the nail on the head it’s incredibly satisfying.

Don’t be Afraid of New Stuff

Unless you’re reading this because you’re a passionate antique collector, don’t think that the pieces you use in your home have to be genuinely old to achieve a great vintage look. Yes, genuine vintage pieces can make a fascinating addition to a room, and are often very reasonably priced. However, there are many reproductions on the market which are just as affordable, and will fit neatly with the archaic tone you’re going for. Pinterest and Etsy are great places to look for this kind of “new but old” inspiration.

Use All the Wall Space You Have

When it comes to contemporary interior design, the dominant trend is having one big focal point mounted on a wall, and then leaving the rest of it more or less empty. How boring is that?! One effective way of pushing your home closer to that perfect vintage look is filling your walls with all kinds of decorative places, and giving your guests something to get absorbed in no matter where they are. If you’ve ever walked around a big National Trust manor, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Shop around for paintings and sculptures that complement the other features in your house, then dig out the hammer and nails and get to work!

If you’re finding it tough to decorate your home with a vintage style, I hope these tips made it easier.

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