Making A Second Home Of Your Back Garden

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Your home should be your home, and not just some house you bought for a great price on the market. Modernities and amenities are all well and good, but a house only truly becomes a home once you put your own personal stamp on it. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir and you’ve already spent a lot of time renovating the interior of your home to feel cosy and personalised to your tastes, or the tastes of your family.

Of course, there’s no need to stop there. When it comes to truly creating a home, there might be an aspect of your property that you’ve entirely neglected: your garden. Whether your land boasts an acre of woodland or a small ten by ten foot patch of grass, there’s always room to spruce up a garden. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, because you can create something beautiful for pennies, if you have green hands and don’t mind getting stuck into things. Here’s some advice for turning your garden into an extension of your home, aimed at those of you who have been sceptical in the past.

Figure out what you do and don’t want

As I said, it doesn’t matter how much money or how much space you have. First of all, you need to figure out what you’re looking for when it comes to your back garden. Perhaps you only want a little tidy up, or perhaps you need a complete overhaul so that it matches you recently-designed interior.

Either way, make a plan, and then you can make your budget work around it. Remember, DIY and patience can both make things cheaper. Other than lighting and perhaps some small investments like paving slabs, depending on your design plan, you might find you don’t need to buy much more than cheap gardening supplies.

Summer houses and other facilities

Whilst you’re most likely looking to keep your garden as natural as possible, and you may likely want to undertake a little DIY in terms of gardening, weeding and perhaps even paving a path of stone slates, there’s no harm in blending in man-made things if they fit your style. We rely on man-made things every day, and they will help you achieve that desired effect of a homely, cosy garden, rather than impeding your ability to create such a haven. Summer houses, quirky little sheds or even a greenhouse, for any strawberries and cabbage you might be hoping to grow over summer, can really lift a garden and turn it into a place for practical projects, rather than just a pretty sight to admire through your kitchen window.

Of course, there’s no harm in championing the aesthetic qualities of a garden over any practical gardening or farming some might choose to do in their own garden. If you consider a specialist like Buckinghamshire Windows and Conservatories, you could add something a little homely to your back lawn. Of course, the beauty of summer houses and conservatories is that they often blend naturally and seamlessly into the surroundings of your garden. It all depends on your specific design choices, but conservatories made of timber blend particularly beautifully with their surroundings. Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows can help you to feel submerged in your natural environment too. In the depths of winter, you can feel at once with your garden whilst cheating a little bit from the warm, radiated depths of your home.

Minimalism is fine

Those of you with little disposable income can finally exhale now. Yes, breathe a sigh of relief. You don’t have to be lavish to create a beautiful garden. Natural beauty speaks for itself, and open spaces are much more pleasant to the eye than over-cluttered gardens. Keep your back garden minimal and you’ll also be allowing yourself room to add things in the future.

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