Nibble Luxury Low Carb Biscuit Bites Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

After my usual over indulgence over the festive period my thoughts have now turned towards setting myself some new year’s resolutions. As usual, at the top of my list is getting fit and eating more healthily, although this currently seems quite daunting especially with another national lockdown looming and the prospect of home-schooling my two sons for the second time. So, I was very happy to be asked to try out the new Nibble Luxury Low Carb Biscuit Bites range which were billed as “putting delicious indulgence into healthy eating”. This sounded right up my street and like they could be the perfect accompaniment to my new healthy eating regime.

I was sent a selection of Nibbles in three flavours which all sounded very enticing – fantastically fudgy Lemon shortbread, cheeky choc chip cookie dough and doubly delicious choc choc chip. These came in small packets of bite size biscuits each weighing 36g, so are the perfect size for a snack. They are also good for up to three days once opened if you don’t eat them all in one go.

From looking at the website I could see that these little biscuit bites have a lot of positives going for them including being low carb and low sugar, high in fibre, packed with protein, vegan, keto-friendly and made with all-natural ingredients so they certainly tick all the boxes from a healthy eating point of view – although I did notice they are relatively high in fat which is something I usually steer clear of. Of course, all of these are great credentials but the true test is in the flavour and I was curious to know if they really do taste just as good as their standard cookie counterparts as the website would have me believe.

When it came to the taste test, I had mixed responses. Whilst myself, my partner and my children weren’t very keen on the Nibble bites at all – probably because we are accustomed to too many sugary snacks – and found them quite bitter and hard to eat (although if forced to pick a favourite I think we would plump for the Fantastically Fudgy Lemon Shortbread as these were very zingy), my brother who is very fit and healthy and enjoys healthy eating really enjoyed them. He said that they were all very tasty and the flavours were intense of lemon and chocolate. He said that he would definitely buy them himself in the future, although he did say that they were a bit dry – but I’m sure they would go down very well with a nice cup of tea!

I really like the idea of these Nibble bites especially as they are such a healthy alternative to more sugary snacks. They are also reasonably priced and can be bought direct from the Nibble website in bulk along with a whole range of other brownie bites which also sound delicious. I particularly like the sound of the mint choc brownie and the festive gingerbread bites.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £19 for 12 packets

This product can be purchased from Nibble here.

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