Korbell Nappy Bin Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I was recently sent the Korbell Nappy Disposal system to review from Cheeky Rascals.  I am currently in my final trimester and thoughts have been occupied with decorating the nursery and making sure we have everything we need to the new arrival, luckily we have most things as this is our second. One thing we did not invest in last time was a nappy disposal bin so being 2nd time wiser I was keen to try.

I was sent the classic 16 litre bin in grey, my first impression was how sleek and stylish it looked. The bin comes out of the box ready to use, no assembly required and liners already fitted.  It’s worth noting the bins are also available in other pastel shades of green, pink, blue and white and would fit into any nursery colour scheme nicely. There are also 3 sized to choose from mini (9L), classic (16L) and the Plus (26L). The classic model I was sent can hold up to 45 nappies at a time.

As I’m sure most parents will agree during particularly explosive nappy changes an extra set of hands is often desired, it can be a struggle keeping baby happy and safe whilst trying to limit the contamination and negotiating nappies, wipes and nappy bags all simultaneously, the Korbell Nappy Disposal System offers a solution to at least part of this problem by being hands free, firstly with the pedal operated lid and then by the nappy liner, which is a long roll liner rather than individual, so you don’t have to faff around opening bags and tying knots each time, they are also scented and when the bin is sealed lock in bad smells. The roll liner is biodegradable which is a bonus and long lasting (approx 10-11 weeks- based on 7 nappies a day).

New rolls can be purchased from Cheeky Rascals for £13.99 for a pack of 3 (prices do vary depending on the size of the bin).  To change the liner they have made it nice and easy, the bin has a front panel which opens out, the full liner can then be pulled out and cut away using a cutter located on the inside door, ties and disposed of. Then you just need to tie a knot at the end of the liner and you’re ready to go again. So simple and well engineered- I wish I had one the first time round.

The Korbell bin can even be used as a ordinary pedal bin once your nappy changing days are over with a normal bin liner. Which we will certainly utilise as a bathroom bin.

The bin currently retails at £27.50 which I think is a great price, the bin is good looking, simple to use and well made.
I love that it can be used as a normal bin after a nappy bin is no longer required, I would not hesitate to recommend this product or buy for a new or expecting parent, an excellent idea for a baby shower gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27.50

This product can be purchased from Cheeky Rascals here.

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