Nextbase 222 Dash Cam Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

The Nextbase 222 dash cam is the first dash cam I’ve ever owned, or seen up close for that matter. My first impression on opening the box is how surprisingly tiny it is. I’m not sure what I was expecting really but it just looks like a miniature camera.

The quick start guide is really straightforward and has good clear diagrams. There’s no instruction manual included in the box but it can be downloaded if required from the Nextbase website. And there’s also a user guide there. Anyway, after charging the dash cam in the house using the supplied USB cable for a couple of hours as recommended, putting the micro SD card in (not supplied) and following the on screen instructions for setting the date and time, it was installed in my car in just a few minutes. The longest part of the process was routing the cable from the mount around the windscreen tidily using the tool provided for that job. Unfortunately, my USB port isn’t really in the most convenient location, so this was a bit fiddly. The sticky pad which attaches the mount to the windscreen did make me a little nervous at first glance, but it stuck securely straight away and it doesn’t look as though it’ll fall off. There’s also a suction mount included in the box but in my haste to get started I’d already stuck the sticky mount up before I found it. It was easy to position the camera to show the correct part of road as the mount can be moved to wherever you like in the same way as your rearview mirror.

Once installed it pretty much takes care of itself. The recording starts by itself when the engine is switched on and there’s a ‘protect’ button which you can push if you need to save video footage, otherwise it could be overwritten. If you want to save any video you can easily transfer it to your computer from the micro SD card and adapter which allows you to plug it in directly. You can save your video footage free of charge in the cloud based storage provided at (great for if you needed to send it to your insurance company). This is one of the reasons that this model has been awarded a ‘Which best buy’. 

The picture quality is much better than I imagined it would be, just judging by other people’s dashcam footage I’ve been shown. But filming in 1080p at 30fps, I suppose it’s recording a lot of data. The 140 degree viewing angle means that you can see the whole road.

The click&go PRO feature means that the camera is held onto the mount by a strong magnet so that when you get out of the car you just need to pull it sharply and it detaches allowing you to either take it with you or conceal it if necessary. If leaving the dash cam connected though, the intelligent parking mode activates which means that it senses any motion when the engine is switched off and records any bumps or potential intruders, providing peace of mind. 

Normally at this time of year I start thinking about Christmas and wondering what on earth to buy my Dad, and also my husband. The Nextbase 222 would make a great gift for either as it’s useful and not complicated to use. I also think they’d both enjoy it and with an RRP of only £69, it’s quite an affordable gift for someone you rather like.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69

For more information and where to buy visit

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