New Amazon Kindle Review


The All New Kindle from Amazon

Reviewed by David Savage

The new Kindle from Amazon is noticeably smaller than the Kindle Keyboard and Kindle 3G. The colour of the housing has also improved and is now a smarter silver rather than grey and looks more stylish. Only weighs 170g where the previous version Kindle Keyboard weighed 241g. The page turn buttons on the sides also feel sturdier than the previous version.

The new Kindle has had the keyboard portion removed and the bezel around the screen made smaller to reduce the size so it fits more easily into your pocket (166 x 114 x 8.7mm). The screen is the same size as the previous version (6” E Ink Pearl) so still gives the same great reading experience and can be very easily read in bright sunshine. Because the screen isn’t a traditional display you would find on a laptop or handheld device I found that you get no eye strain from staring at the screen so you can read for as long as you want. When you switch off your place in the book is saved so that when you switch back on you carry on reading from where you left without any fuss (even if you look at another book you can still go back to where you left off in other books you are reading).

It is very easy to setup and books are download via wireless connection in under a minute. There are loads of free and cheap books available to get you on your way very quickly. It has a built in dictionary so you can look up words very easy and all the downloaded books are stored by Amazon so even if you delete a title from the device you are still able to retrieve it without having to purchase again.

You are still able to adjust the text size but you cannot listen to audio books as on the previous version.

This version of the Kindle only has 2GB storage space (1400 books approx) as opposed to the previous Kindle Keyboard version of 4GB (3500 books approx), but as I said before you can delete books for newer titles without actually losing anything.

Fully charges on 3 hours via USB cable supplied and can battery can last upto 1month.

I was very impressed with this device and it is so much better than carrying lots of books around. The only downside was that there are no built in speakers to listen to a book or MP3’s as on the Kindle Keyboard and missed the keyboard but it has an onscreen one which you use with the 5 way controller. I found it better to read than a paper book as there was no strain. Anybody who loves reading should definitely try one of these. Mine goes everywhere with me and I certainly won't be going back to traditional books.

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