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Nerf Ultra One Motorised Blaster Review


Reviewed by Anon

As a 40 something grandad to 4 children aged 2-9, I am always on the look out for fun activities to keep them amused.  The NERF Ultra One Motorised blaster arrived quickly in perfect condition.  What first struck me was how cool it looks.  The white, black and orange colours really compliment each other and the simple design works perfectly.  This product is clearly made from top quality materials.  I think that it will likely be used for many years to come.  I also liked the fact that packaging was minimal and the box was enticing not just for me as a big kid but for my grandchildren.   I gave this product to my 9 year old grandson.  I would say that he is the perfect age to suit this particular product.  EU Warning: this product is not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts being a choking hazard.

The box contained the NERF Ultra One Motorised blaster and 25 darts.   The product itself is 8cm long, 61cm wide and 33cm high. I think that this is the perfect size for children to use.   Please note that 4 x C batteries are required which are not included. 

This product has advanced features.  Having seen other NERF products I would agree.  I really like the storage available.  There are 2 compartments close to the handle which can each hold 4 Nerf ultra darts.  There is also a round shaped storage wheel for the remaining darts. 25 darts is a generous amount and allows for a good amount of fun.  The storage helps reduce loading time.  Product information claims that these NERF Ultra darts are their farthest flying and can fly up to 36 metres.  I would agree with this claim. 

Please note that whilst wearing eyewear is recommended when using this product, none is included.    It’s also important to note that the NERF Ultra One Motorised blaster will only work with NERF Ultra darts. 

This product is fantastic with regards how far the darts fly.  I loved playing with it myself.  Hours of action packed fun was had and I would imagine that my grandchildren will have hours and hours more of fun playing with this in the future.  As a grandparent who does give safety a lot of thought, I love the fact that the darts do not hurt you when they are aimed at you (yes, the accuracy is amazing as I found out) which is amazing considering how fast they fly.

I think that this product would make an excellent Christmas gift.  Things I love most about it are that it encourages moving around and a healthy lifestyle.  I think that it is great for promoting use of motor skills. I would recommend this product to others, in fact as a big kid who loves having fun myself I would love this product as a gift myself. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99 currently on sale for £39.99 at the time of writing this review

This product can be purchased from the Smyths Toys website here.

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