Natures Inspiration Lavender and Geranium Toner Review

Natures Inspiration
Lavender and Geranium Toner

Reviewed by Samantha MacKenzie

The product has a beautifully floral scent, it's very refreshing and pleasant. It is handmade and contains no synthetic preservatives, but that does shorten the shelf life of the product.

For me, this lovely product is hampered by the packaging. It has a spray top, which is unusual for toners. I prefer to use cotton wool, but that isn't as easy with a spray. I tried it both ways, over a few days. The spray idea was a disaster, it obviously went in my eyes and on my lips, fortunately it didn't sting or taste bad. Using it with cotton wool, really allowed it to work as you'd want. The idea of a toner generally is to 're-balance' the pH of your skin, and really penetrate the skin layer to fight bacteria, I felt this product did this and all in a natural way. Over the time I've used it, I have felt a difference in my skin.

The packaging lets the product down, there is no need for a spray top and I feel it would be more suited to a simpler bottle, with a simpler label. Then you could really appreciate the product and it would make really good value for money.

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