Natural Instincts Halloween Dog Treats Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

I have a 9 month old Golden Retriever Bruno and a 4 and a half year old Cream Retriever Buddy and love them so much, I can begin to explain just how much I love and adore them.

I am very strict with them and that is why rewarding them comes at the top of my list and when I do, I like to make sure it is with good quality and natural food, treats etc.

I am a lover of Natural Instincts, so when I heard about the Halloween treats, it went without saying, that what better way to train them with the ‘spooktacular Natural Instincts Halloween treats. Covid has seen to the fact that children cannot knock on peoples / neighbours doors this year for trick and treating, instead, my village are doing a pumpkin trail for the children to find and make a note for each one they find and the parents then reward their children.

Like most dogs, mine, when someone comes near the front of the house, barks to make us aware, so, what better way to train them to know when it is acceptable for someone to come near the house on halloween night, than train them with Natural Instincts Halloween treats.

They are very big and look like the size of a dried date and I managed to cut each 1 into 4 pieces, it makes the treats go further and if anyone else dogs are like mine, they just ‘woof’ their food down, so I like to make sure that what I am feeding them are not too big.

I play ‘find it’ with them. First I get then to smell what is in my hand, I then let them watch me play my hand in several places (1 of them is where I hide the treat). I then say to them ‘find it’ and off they go, sniffing their way around the house, looking or their treat. It goes without saying that they loved these treats.

I got them to do the usual ‘lay down’, ‘up’, ‘sit’, ‘wait’, ‘stay’, ‘paw’ and they even hug when I ask, all of which each of them deserve a reward for each time they do this. Even sending them to their beds with a simple command of ‘in your bed’, they knew a new treat was in toe once they had done that.

I do not treat my dogs each time I give them a command, it is usually rewarded with toy as I like to make sure they are fit, healthy and not over fed, however, occasionally, I like to treat them and these definitely come in handy. As I said earlier, I cut each one into 4 pieces and as they can be frozen, I popped some in a bag to freeze. I take them out just before I go to bed so they can defrost over night and voile…. these are then ready to hand out as and when a reward is deserved.

Natural instincts say that these treats are Inspired by their much-loved beef jerky, which I cab vouch for too.



This product can be purchased from the Natural Instinct website here.

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