My Given Name Personalised Book Review

Reviewed by Carron Charlesworth

My 3½ year old son is a typical little boy, he likes trains, planes and tractors and I was a worried that he wouldn’t be interested in any other books and stories – but I was soon proved very wrong with this book!

The book arrived quickly and was well packaged. At first glance at the hardback cover, I loved the look of it. The illustrations were beautiful, very enchanting and colourful, and I was intrigued to get reading the story.

The first time we read the book, I struggled a little bit as part of the story rhymes (when the animals are talking,) but the second time around I knew what was coming so I managed fine, and I really liked the couplets from the animals.

The story is about a little stork called Bindee who sets off on an adventure to deliver a baby. He meets numerous animals along the way. The first letter of each animal he meets is a letter in the first name of who the book is personalised for. Each animal also has a positive message with a word in their message also beginning with the same first letter as their name. It’s done in a very clever and thoughtful way, and there is a little note from the author at the back of the book explaining all about creating positive thought patterns and feelings – which I thought was just lovely. The surname of who the book is for is also used in the story, but not in the same way as their forename.

In total there are 31 pages of reading but not over-wordy. The pages are quite thick so not easily torn which is something that I look for with a heavy handed little boy. The book also contains a personalised picture of who the book is for, and their picture pops up a few times towards the end of the book when the stork finds the baby to be delivered.

A truly captivating read for my son and me. I would highly recommend it, and it has now become a firm favourite as a bedtime story.

Rating: 5/5

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