Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games at the Opera House Manchester Review

DangerousGamesLord of the Dance: Dangerous Games
Opera House, Manchester

5-10 May 2015


Reviewed by Lucy Knight

Ever since Riverdance arrived 20 years ago, I have been a huge fan. I used to prance around as an 8/9 year old copying the moves. So I was absolutely thrilled to get the chance to visit the Opera House in Manchester, on opening night to review the show.

When I informed my partner that we would be watching the show, he was overjoyed, as he is also a big Riverdance fan. He was hoping to get the chance to see Michael Flatley dance, however it was one of his protégés Cathal Keaney, who would be taking on the part as Lord of the Dance.

When we were seated at the Opera House, I was very excited to be getting the chance to see such a highly rated show. I have friends who have seen the show and they had explained how fantastic an experience it is.

Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games is created and directed by Michael Flatley and is said to be ‘an epic masterpiece’… and that it was. I was absolutely blown away.

The show started with a projection of Michael Flatley and his young son onto the stage. This set the scene for the spectacular show that was to follow.

The story commences in the dreams of a little spirit who travels through time to help the Lord of the Dance. It is the tale of good versus evil and how the Dark Lord and the evil Seductress Morrighan try to come between the Lord of the Dance and his true love Saoirse.

The show consists of 40 performers, all of who are absolutely remarkable in their ability. The cast was made up of dancers, a singer and 2 fiddlers as well as an outstanding band. They all had so much energy and enthusiasm that it was contagious and you could not help enjoying and feeling a part of the whole experience.

The costumes were amazing and very effective in showing the difference between the good and evil characters.

The show was extraordinary and something that I will treasure. I had always wanted to see the show and would definitely go back if it was to return to Manchester.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost from £37.90 to £48.40 (plus £4 transaction fee).

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is at the Opera House in Manchester until 10 May 2015. For more information or to book tickets click here or call the box office on 0844 871 3018.

Opera House Manchester. 3 Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3HP | 0844 871 3018


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