Mrs Browns Boys Series 3 Review

Mrs Brown’s Boys
Series 3

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Brendan O’Carroll, Jennifer Gibney
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 173 minutes
Number of Episodes: 6
Number of Discs: 2

The multi-award winning BBC series Mrs Brown’s Boys is back for series 3 and is more than hilarious than ever.

Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll is back as Mrs Agnes Brown, the mother of 5 children. This new DVD has all 6 episodes from series 3:

Mammy’s Spell
At the christening party for Dermot and Maria’s triplets Winnie and Mrs Brown are hypnotised but are not taken out of it so Winnie thinks she is a chicken while Agnes thinks she’s a dog and a stripper.

Mammy’s Inflation
Cathy is thinking of getting a boob job to impress her boyfriend and is given a “size decider” – an inflatable bra that Mrs Brown decides to wear to the pub.

Mammy’s Break
Mrs Brown decides she wants a break to the Galway races and is desperate for the doctor to put Granddad into hospital for some respite care.

Mammy’s Valentine
Valentine’s Day is approaching and Mrs Brown with Cathy’s help decides to try internet dating.

Mrs Brown has been getting some mysterious phone from a firm of solicitors making the kids think that one of them is adopted – but which one?

Mammy Swings
Cathy’s boyfriend, Mick, introduces Mrs Brown to his parents who turn out to be swingers giving her quite a shock.

Overall, this is an absolutely hilarious DVD from start to finish even the actors try very hard to stop themselves laughing. Even dealing with topical issues such as internet dating, cosmetic surgery, gay marriage and the position of the church. 3 hours of great fun that can’t be beat.

Brendan O’Carroll writes and stars in this very popular series and has done a great job and with most of the cast being family members they are work together very well delivering a great show.

If you haven’t see Mrs Brown’s Boys before you are in for a treat, not for the easily offended! Can’t wait for series 4!

As the box says, Mrs Brown’s Boys is “The Mammy of Comedy”.

This is the funniest program on TV and now you can own it on DVD.

Rating: 5/5

Mrs Brown's Boys is available to buy on DVD from Amazon here.

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