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New Remote Controlled By Motion

One For All, worldwide leader in universal remote controls, launches a new dimension in remotes with its new SmartControl Motion – which activates the most popular commands by a single gesture.

SmartControl Motion allows you to control your devices simply by moving the remote.  And the new 'Goodnight' feature means you can turn everything off just by flipping the device onto its front. 

A quick gesture to the right and back again will enable you to skip the commercials when watching programmes recorded using Freeview+ or Sky+, with no additional programming required.  This is because it is already pre-programmed to recognise six pre-defined gestures for all your devices as soon as they're set up.

Move to the left and back towards your device to channel down in TV mode, skip your DVD backwards or rewind your set top box (do it three more times to quadruple the rewind speed).

Quickly move up then down for play, or down then up for pause – so, for example, you can pause your DVD instantly when rushing to answer the doorbell without looking for the pause button.  For mute, you just double tap on the side of the remote.

SmartControl Motion works with all your digital equipment.  It will control up to six different devices including HDTV, DVB-T (eg. Freeview), IPTV, Blu-ray, iPod docks, Home Cinema, PS2, Xbox 360 and more, across all brands.  It has dedicated keys for media devices such as Blu-ray players, iPod docks and media playback from video game consoles such as PS2 and Xbox 360.

Presented in a glossy gun metal finish, the SmartControl Motion doesn't require any device codes to be input to get A/V equipment set up. 

It programmes in less than three minutes with just three key presses for all the most popular brands, thanks to One For All's unique SimpleSet technology.

The SmartControl buttons will then operate multiple devices with just one press.  There are three smart modes for watching TV, watching movies and listening to music.  So you just have to think about what you want to do, not which devices you need to use. 

The 'all power off' function will switch off all your devices by holding the power button down for three seconds or by simply flipping over the remote.  White backlit keys mean you can use it in the dark.

SmartControl Motion will be available from November 2011 at Dixons, Currys and PC World, as well as online at  priced £34.99.   Pre-order here:

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