Morrisons Christmas Food and Drink Review

Morrisons Christmas Food and Drink

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I have always liked what Morrisons have on offer since my university days, many, many years ago now.  I am fortunate enough to live within a couple of miles of the fantastic store in Eccles, Greater Manchester.  My family recently got to sample some delightful own brand festive food and drink.  

We started off with some starters which cost £4 individually or less as part of a multi buy deal.    The best Mini Mexican beef kofta kebabs tasted just spicy enough.  The Chicken Wellingtons did not last long at all, with their tender, tasty chicken and crumbly pasty.   The mini pigs in blankets and pork belly squares did not last long at all.  The meat was lean and not gristly at all.   The potato rosti at just £3 was fantastic value as the pack size was really generous.  The rosti was crispy and delicious tasting.  The final item within our starter selection, a Bumper American selection cost £6 and was huge.   It consisted of spicy potato wedges, breaded mushrooms, onion rings and chicken goujons.  The starters all tasted delightful and we had to have a break in order to have room for the main course.

The Melt in the Middle Chocolate bomb cost just £3.50 and had the perfect combination of zesty orange and melt in the mouth chocolate flakes.  The reason it is on this review after the starters is because it was far too tempting to last as a dessert.   It was devoured even before the meal was cooked.  My 6 year old daughter wanted everyone else’s portion too. 

The main part of the roast dinner was a Crackling turkey, pork and stuffing joint.   At just £9.49/kg it represents great value.  I am not a confident cook, but the instructions on the pack were easy to follow and the crackling tasted amazing.   The meat was lean and tasty.  We had a generous serving each and there were enough leftovers for sandwiches the next day.  The ready to roast parsnips cost just £2.00 and saved me so much preparation work.   They tasted divine.  I was so glad that the other members of my family did not like parsnips as it meant I got to eat them all.  They came out of the oven perfectly crispy.   The brussel sprouts with chestnuts and bacon butter were ready to eat within a few minutes due to being microwavable. At just £2.00 they were also a bargain.   I am not a massive sprouts eater, in fact usually I will do my utmost to avoid them, but these tasted yummy.  The goose fat roast potatoes had a splendid taste.  The favourite of the whole meal was the Kitchen Bistro Mash costing £2.20 and Turkey Gravy costing £1.59.  The mash and gravy were conveniently cooked within a few minutes in the microwave.   The Best Christmas Garnish pack costing £3.00 contained bacon wrapped sausages and stuffing.  This along with the delicious Cranberry sauce rounded off the meal perfectly.  At £1.59 the Cranberry sauce was great value.  I am not a huge cranberry sauce fan usually but this I would certainly buy again. 

We were lucky enough to sample a bottle of Cotes de Rhone wine with our meal.   As with the other items, the cost of £6.79 represented great value. Overall, the meal tasted amazing.  Both the adults and children commented on how wonderful it all tasted. It was convenient to make after work in an evening and was affordable.   Morrisons team quality with good value and this is an excellent combination. 

Taste 5/5
Value 5/5
Convenience 5/5
Staff approachability 5/5

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