Mookie Whirlee Review


Mookie Whirlee

Reviewed by Emma Baker

My little boy couldn't wait to see what was in this huge box that we had just picked up and thought his birthday had come early. He was mega excited to see something blue with wheels and couldn't wait to drag it out of the box, and there in front of us was this mini ride on. It was blue with a picture of an aeroplane on both sides, and a picture of a propeller on the front with the name 'Whirlee' above it. Also the ride on had a little handle at the front which made it easy for my little boy to hold on to when in use or to carry it with him. As even though it can in a big box, there was hardly any weight to it, and we were all surprised as to how light it was to carry it about.

Regardless of its size and weight it is really well made and even with held the weight of my 7 year old who didn't want to miss out on the fun of whizzing around the house.

The Whirlee has 4 castor style wheels in the corners which turn 360 degrees which meant whizzing and whirling around was a breeze as there was no need to stand up and get off to turn the ride on around.

This went down a storm in our house and it’s so light and easy to carry around that I wouldn't think twice about putting it in the car with us when we visit family and friends so the fun could be carried on!

A must have for any child's toy collection.

Rating: 5/5

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