Montezumas Chocolate Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

The answer is chocolate, who cares what the question is.  I do love chocolate so was over the moon when the lovely people at Montezumas sent me two bars of chocolate to review.

The first chocolate bar I tried was “smooth operator”.  This is a milk chocolate with 37% cocoa content and true to it’s name it is silky smooth with a rich velvety taste.  As well as taste I judge a chocolate bar by the way it breaks and this bar has a really good snap.  For me it was the perfect thickness.

The second chocolate bar was” Absolute Black” and this was a completely different experience.  This chocolate is not for the faint hearted and on the pack it says “For that awesome,dramatic cocoa hit.“  This chocolate is 100% cocoa beans and nothing else.  It is a very powerful taste and if like me you are used to eating chocolate with a much lower cocoa content it could be quite a shock.  I think this one is an acquired taste and something you’ve got to ease into. Too impatient to develop my tastebuds I melted it and swirled it into melted milk chocolate to make a lovely chocolate bark.

I must tell you about the packaging.  I love it, it is 100% recyclable.   I’ve had chocolate bars before in cardboard but this is the first bar I’ve had that inside the cardboard the bar is wrapped in paper not the usual foil.  I also love the strong bright colours and modern design of the packaging.

There are many different varieties of these bars available with some very original flavours in dark,  absolute black, milk and white chocolate.  The 90g bars are £2.59.  They also offer a vegan friendly, milk chocolate alternative bar at £2.99. some of the varieties are available as 25g mini bars which are sold in bags of 26 for £25.74.  For a gift I thought an item called “build a bar” was a very good idea.  Choose the type of chocolate, the colour of the wrapping and a message to be printed on the wrapping for £4.99.  I thought this was a good price for such a personalised item.

This company was started in 2000 by two self taught chocolate makers who were inspired by a trip to South America and a stay on a cocoa plantation.  From reading their story I can see they are people with strong ethics. They only use the best quality cocoa from plantations who meet their strict “Trading Fairly” policy.  For over ten years they have also supported a charity called “children on the edge” who support the worlds most marginalised children.
From starting up in a small shop in Brighton, the company now has six shops, is available on Amazon in supermarkets and from their website where they have a vast array of treats and gifts , including Easter eggs. The website accepts all major payment methods and offer free delivery on orders over £60.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: depends on the item.  Please see above.

These products can be purchased from the Montezumas website here.

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